The Teatro Principal presents the new programme until the summer of 2023

Dec 17, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

This morning Palma’s Teatre Principal presented the programme for the new season, which includes 57 shows that will be staged in the Sala Gran and Sala Petita between January and July 2023.

Highlights include La isla del aire by Núria Espert and El padre by Josep Maria Pou.

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Theatre, opera, cinema, family shows, music, dance and teresetes make up the bulk of the programme, which has been presented by Bel Busquets, vice-president of the Consell de Mallorca and executive councillor of Culture, Heritage and Linguistic Policy, Bel Busquets, and by the director of the Teatre Principal, Josep R. Cerdà. Busquets and Cerdà were accompanied by many of the artists who will take part in the shows of the new season.

Busquets, in his speech, explained that “in this new season of the Teatre Principal de Palma, we are still committed to our own productions and joint work with other creative centres. This will be the case with the play Les maleïdes, co-produced with the Sala Beckett, and also with the show Kings of the World, by Mallorcan author Sebastià Alzamora and produced entirely by the Principal. It should be noted that we are committed to home-grown, Mallorcan and living playwrights. There is no need to wait for their death to recognise, admire and perform their works”.

Afterwards, the director of the Teatro Principal, Josep R. Cerdà, detailed the programme, which consists of three opera performances, such as La Bohème, by Puccini (20th, 22nd and 24th February), the Easter Concert with Ensemble Tramuntana and the Teatro Principal Choir (30th March); La traviata, by Verdi (17th, 19th and 21st June) and the show Loopera, which will close the season (7th and 8th July).

Some of the highlights of the theatrical offerings are Silencio, by Juan Mayorga with Blanca Portillo (4 and 5 March); Yo soy el monstruo que os habla, by Paul B. Preciado (2nd April); Terra baixa, by Àngel Guimerà directed by Carme Portaceli (21st April); La isla del aire, by Alejandro Paloma starring Núria Espert (26th May); and El padre, by Florian Zeller with Josep Maria Pou, who will be performing for the first time in Palma’s Principal (3rd and 4th June).

The season’s in-house productions also stand out, starting with Las malditas, by Sergio Baos and directed by Marga López, in co-production with the Sala Beckett in Barcelona (13th, 14th and 15th of January); Bad Moon, co-produced with Héctor Seoane (17th, 18th and 19th of February); Loquis, by Neus Nadal (10th, 11th and 12th of March); the in-house production Kings of the World, an adaptation by Josep Maria Miró of the novel of the same name by Sebastià Alzamora, directed by José Martret with Antoni Gomila and Blai Llopis (17th, 18th and 19th March); Imaginarios monstruosos, a co-production with La Lioparda (1st and 2nd April); Piel de lagartija, a co-production with Jeroni Obrador (14th and 15th April).

The theatre programme is completed with Tocar madre (7 January), El mar: visión de unos niños que no la han visto nunca (22 January), Mórese (3 February), Fairfly (3, 4 and 5 February), Sentado bajo un árbol mirando cómo pasan los elefantes (10, 11 and 12 February), Animal negro tristeza (3 March), La fundación (16 March), Cervantes y el juego del ganso (24 March), La tormenta (25 March), La tríada (27 March), América (16 April), La infamia (6 May), Hamlet 0. 1 (26 April), Yo solo ven a ver el jardín (3 and 4 June), La suerte (16 and 18 June) and La crítica (1 and 2 July).

Dance will also play a prominent role in the programme for the first half of 2021 with productions such as Man Ray by Taiat Dansa (28 January); Sonoma, by the prestigious company La Veronal (8 April); Swan, a co-production by the Teatro Principal with Mar Aguiló, who for years was a dancer with the Compañía Nacional de Danza; Huerto (20 May); Harakiri (11 May); Hacemos como que bailamos (13 May) and Cyberexorcismo (25 June).

In the musical section, highlights include the show El tocadiscos de Joan Fuster (29 January), the concert by Estrella Morente as part of the Flamenco Festival (1 March), Las músicas de Sweig (30 March), Nous Nocturns (29 April), Entrada anticipada, live (23rd May), the tribute concert to Tomeu Penya (30th May), the end-of-year concert of the choirs of the Teatro Principal (28th June) and the continuation of the concert cycle Els Principal de IB3 in collaboration with the regional radio and television: Lava Fizz (21st February), Marcel Cranc (21st March) and Pau Vallvé with Amulet (4th April).

Family shows include Paüra (4th January), Ikimilikiliklik (23rd April), Place (21st May) and Snow White (20th and 21st May), the latter as part of the Teresetes Festival.

The film genre will also be present with the premiere of 7 agujas por la burbuja, by Pau Pascual, which will also be a tribute to the actor Rafael Ramis, who passed away last October (27th and 28th January).

Cerdà reminded that all these shows are already on sale as well as the season tickets. He also reminded that with the season tickets, in any of its modalities, an annual subscription to Principal en la carta is also included free of charge, the silver form of digital contents of the Teatro Principal.