Inca’s shops will give away 5,000 cardboard watches to be used in the ORA zones.

Dec 18, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

This initiative is part of the new campaign “Comercio inquer, comercio cercano” of the business association Activa’t Inca and the City Council of Inca.

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The “Comercio inquer, comercio cercano” campaign of the business association Activa’t Inca and with the support of the Inca Town Council is being launched during the Christmas holidays. The mayor, Virgilio Moreno, the councillor for economic promotion, María José Fernández, the councillor for commerce, Miquel Àngel Cortés and the president of Activa’t Inca, presented the first action of the campaign.

It is a cardboard clock with which users can indicate the time of arrival at the different free limited parking areas of the municipality. In addition, on the back of the clock, you can find the telephone numbers of the different emergency services and some municipal services or facilities. The aim is to provide a useful tool that can be used to make shopping areas more dynamic.

“As is to be expected, the Town Hall wants to support all initiatives that encourage local commerce and economic activity”, declared Fernández. In this way, the “Comercio inquer, comercio cercano” campaign will continue throughout the year 2023 with various initiatives of the business association Activa’t Inca. In fact, one of the aims is to highlight the value of the proximity of small Inca businesses. “We think it is important for our city to be a focus of attraction for people who visit us,” said Moreno.