The children of Lloseta wait for the Christmas Train at the Mercadet de Nadal, which never arrived.

Dec 25, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The weather was good yesterday for all the attendees and organisations that took part in the traditional Mercadet de Nadal (Christmas Market) located in the Mina de Lloseta.

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Thus, we were able to stroll through twenty stalls among which we could appreciate different craft manifestations such as paintings and food among others.

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TDB keeps you informed. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

We will highlight the stop of Cans Abandonats de Lloseta remembering the great work done by these volunteers who go out of their way to help and improve the living conditions of the neediest furry animals. The volunteers dedicate their personal and economic efforts, often putting their own money, to give a second chance, search for a home, rescue, and veterinary expenses to the animals that appear on the streets of Lloseta.

Returning to the children of Lloseta. They were the main protagonists of the day. They were able to see and meet Father Christmas, his house, his clothesline and his reindeer.

Father Christmas must have worked hard tonight to be able to reach all the houses in Lloseta this morning.

Yesterday, as we have learned from the different social networks, the children of Lloseta stayed at the Sa Mina waiting to get on the Christmas train. According to the program of events of this holiday season and as Xisca Horrach Coll commented on social networks “the 24th was scheduled from 15 to 17h. This little train did not pass the whole afternoon. This caused an unfortunate situation for the children of Lloseta to stay all afternoon waiting for a train that did not appear.

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A situation that could have been avoided, especially for the disappointment it caused in the youngest children of Lloseta, if communicated in the social networks of the Ajuntament de Lloseta, as Xisca Horrach Coll has continued to affirm.

This complaint and indignation has been joined by Margalida Mir, and more forceful has been Tania Aguiló Gomez

who with just one word “ridiculous” gave the definition for a situation that has made the youngest children of Lloseta lose their illusion.