The “Authentic Mare de Déu de Lloseta” appears in an excavation in Carrer Joan Carles I, the former Calzados Alcover factory.

Dec 28, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Lloseta dawned this morning with the surprising discovery of the “Authentic Mare de Déu de Lloseta”.

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Tradition has it that “A Muslim shepherd was with his flock near the Torrent d’Almadrá, when he saw a shining light, then the shepherd went to tell the news to the inhabitants of Ayamans, Lloseta and Robines. Thus, they found a brown image of the Virgin Mary. As there was no chapel in Lloseta and Ayamans, they took the image to the church in Robines.

Mare de Déu de Lloseta

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The image of the Mare de Déu, before and after the restoration paid for by the heirs of Juan March (Pau Reynés Collection and Lloseta Magazine Archive).

The Mare de Déu did not want to be in the church of Robines, mysteriously disappearing and always appearing in the place where it was found in Lloseta.

Our editorial staff consulted a renowned Balearic anthropologist, who among other things was responsible for accompanying Queen Sofia to Mallorca on her visit to the exhibition of the Xian Warriors.

She said: “This is a great discovery. The hypothesis that the inhabitants of Lloseta hid the original Virgin in the face of the demands of the rest of the population centres is very strong in a period of territorial and political upheaval.

The Virgin found today is identical to the one found at El Cocó. Conclusive scientific proof is still lacking, but the first indications are that it is authentic.

This virgin who has surprised us all with her sudden emergence from the earth at 10.30 am in Calle Joan Carles I in Lloseta, has chosen 28 December 2022 to be reborn, in the same place where it was supposedly hidden centuries ago.

The Consistory has commented that they are evaluating the cultural promotion of Lloseta with this “Authentic Mare de Déu de Lloseta” which they want to elevate to World Heritage by Unesco.

Great and unexpected news for the town of Lloseta, which promises to be a pilgrimage destination, who knows if it is comparable to the Camino de Santiago.

This news is not real and commemorates Saints Holy Innocents’ Day