Social Affairs makes the first extraordinary payment to people in a situation of dependency who receive a financial benefit in the Balearic Islands.

Dec 29, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

\ The Ministry has allocated 4.18 million euros to 19,327 people who, in the month of December, were recognised as receiving an economic dependency benefit.

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\ The measure is part of the Government’s social shield to cope with the price increases resulting from Putin’s war against Ukraine.
\ In addition, since last November and until April, the co-payment for day centres and home help services has been eliminated.

The 19,327 people who, as of December 2022, had been recognised in the Balearic Islands as receiving an economic dependency benefit have already received, from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Sports, the first extraordinary payment corresponding to the social shield deployed by the Government of the Islands to help citizens in the face of the increase in inflation during this winter. In total, to make this first payment effective, the Department has allocated a total of 4,181,392.44 euros.

In January, the second extra payment will be made to recipients of an economic dependency benefit.

Thus, people in a situation of dependency entitled to an economic benefit are receiving with each of the ordinary payments in December and January an extraordinary payment with an amount equal to the amount that they have recognised in the economic benefit. The Department of Social Affairs will allocate 8.4 million euros to this measure.

The payment is paid directly into the beneficiaries’ current account and, therefore, there is no need to make any kind of application.

As Councillor Santiago explained, “all families who receive financial aid for dependency will receive a double payment in December and January. This payment is aimed at all those families who have a person in a situation of dependency, and the basic aim is to give them more liquidity in their pockets. We know that people with dependency need more expenses: special creams and soaps, nappies or assistance. Therefore, this aid is fair and necessary”.

Also in the area of dependency, and within the so-called social shield contained in Decree-Law 9/2022 of 7 November, on urgent measures, since last November, the temporary elimination of the so-called co-payment, which is the financial contribution made by users of day centre services for the elderly and/or the home help service for people in a situation of dependency, has been applied.

This measure benefits some 800 families who have a person in a day centre and 2,100 families who receive the home help service for people in a situation of dependency. In total, the Department of Social Affairs and Sports will allocate a total of 2.1 million euros to eliminate the co-payment of these two services until April 2023.