The works to reinforce the Cala Rajada harbour breakwater are entering the final phase while the reorganisation of spaces and uses is progressing.

Jan 11, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Councillor Marí visited the works, which have reduced CO2 emissions by 40%.

The Minister of Mobility and Housing, Josep Marí, visited the Cala Rajada port refurbishment works this morning, accompanied by the Director General of Maritime and Air Transport, Xavier Ramis, and the councillor for Roads and Works of the Capdepera Town Council, Mónica Viejo, as well as representatives of the construction company and technicians from Ports of the Balearic Islands.

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The works to reinforce the Cala Rajada harbour breakwater

We are facing absolutely necessary works,” said Councillor Marí, “and today we have been able to see that they are progressing at a very good pace: in fact, the reinforcement of the breakwater is practically finished to be able to cope with storms. We are making progress in terms of safety and in the reorganisation of the port’s uses, with works which we have planned to finish before Easter”.

The Minister added: “At Ports of the Balearic Islands we are aware that port infrastructures need permanent investment to guarantee the safety and operability of the facilities, and this is what we are doing in Cala Rajada, where we have launched investment projects worth 9.1 million euros. Always hand in hand with the Capdepera Town Council and the people who use it, such as residents, fishermen and small boat businesses.

For her part, the councillor for Roads and Works of the Capdepera Town Council, Mónica Viejo, pointed out that: “For many years this dock has suffered many storms and these works were very necessary to guarantee safety. In addition, we have managed to ensure that during the summer season the works did not impede the usual activity, and now we are about to finish some much-needed work for the port and the municipality”.

This is a sustainable project that replaces the two-layer block system with a single-payer system, which reduces the use of concrete by around 40%. Thus, there is a reduction in the CO₂ footprint, since less machinery, fewer resources and, above all, less concrete have been used. It is an innovative system in Spain, where it has only been applied to 4 other ports apart from Cala Rajada. The type of concrete has an ecological additive which means that when the concrete is at the bottom of the sea it becomes part of the marine ecosystem and its composition allows fauna and flora to adhere to it.

The reinforcement of the breakwater is practically finished
During the visit, it was possible to see how the works to reinforce the port breakwater are practically finished. The maritime work is more than 90 % complete and is therefore ready to cope safely with possible storms. The work has focused on giving greater structural stability to the breakwater, as well as improving the operability of the port to reduce the impact of strong waves in stormy weather.

The technical teams are also working on the reorganisation of uses in the port so that the different activities carried out can be developed with minimum interference between them. Thus, the urbanisation works are progressing at a good pace – around 50 % of them are already completed – with the burying of installations, the removal of pavements and the preparation of new paving, as well as the construction of the new storage building, changing rooms and public toilets.

Stabilisation work is also being carried out on the western section of the rocky coast, which was completed at the end of August. The work has focused on changing the structure of the overhang to make it safer for pedestrians in the area.

Ports of the Balearic Islands has invested 7.2 million euros in different actions in the port of Cala Rajada and there are still two more projects to be carried out: the complete refurbishment of the building that houses the fishermen’s market and the port offices, where it is planned to install a point of sale of fish to the public; as well as the demolition and new construction of a multi-purpose building that will house the points of sale of swallows’ tickets, toilets and a restaurant. The construction project has already been drawn up for both actions. The estimated budget is 1.9 million, bringing the total investment projects planned in the port of Cala Rajada by the Government through Ports of the Balearic Islands to 9.1 million euros.