Emergencies 112 recommends basic safety measures for the bonfires and the correfocs of the next few days

Jan 15, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition


Once again this year, the Directorate General for Emergencies and the Interior and the Balearic Islands Emergency System-SEIB112 are urging caution to all those who will be enjoying the bonfires and correfocs over the next few days.

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Emergencies 112

Safety measures for the bonfires:

Do not light the bonfires with petrol. Use gas oil or sawdust and paraffin tablets for rapid ignition.
Do not throw plastic materials or leftover food into the fire, as they produce a lot of smoke.
Do not throw firecrackers on the fire.
If you get burned, cool the burn with cold water. If the burn is very extensive, go to the nearest health centre.
Safety measures for the correfocs:

Dress in cotton clothing; trousers and long sleeves; suitable footwear, hat or headscarf; earplugs and goggles to protect your eyes.
Adopt a correct attitude towards the demons and do not put obstacles in their way.
Do not throw water during the correfoc because of the danger it represents.
If you are with children or people with reduced mobility, follow the party from a prudent distance.
Do not smoke or light fires near the containers of pyrotechnic material.
Do not touch or handle pyrotechnic devices.
If for any reason an attendee’s clothes catch fire, he/she should not run, but get down on the ground and roll over to extinguish the flames. Call 112 quickly.