The IDI promotes sustainability and industrial digitalisation through the new IdiActua programme.

Jan 15, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Thanks to this initiative, companies will obtain a diagnosis and an improvement plan in these areas.

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The IDI promotes sustainability and industrial digitalisation

The Department of Energy Transition, Productive Sectors and Democratic Memory is launching the IdiActua programme through the Institute for Business Innovation of the Balearic Islands (IDI) with the aim of promoting the sustainability and digitalisation of industrial companies in the Balearic Islands. This action will be carried out through diagnostic plans that will identify the state of the industry in these areas.

The initiative consists of carrying out free visits to companies that will obtain a complete and personalised diagnosis to see where they are in terms of sustainability and digitisation. This study will enable them to improve their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

Once the diagnosis has been drawn up, the firms will receive an action plan with proposals for improvement, possible supplier companies and a glossary of technologies and software. In addition, they will be provided with information on existing grants to install technology and carry out sustainable and digital improvements in the company. They will also receive a guide to good practices, both in terms of sustainability and digitalisation.

At the same time, the IDI will carry out a digital awareness campaign through social networks to inform the industrial fabric of the importance of catching up in terms of digitisation and sustainability in order to be competitive. In addition, a series of webinars will also be organised to inform companies of these initiatives.

Implementing digitalisation and sustainability measures is vital for today’s industry. Some actions require investment capacity, but many others do not require a large financial commitment and depend more on the commitment of those who lead and work in the company. Measures that are easy and inexpensive to implement, without a doubt, also represent a great change that will have an impact on new generations.

IdiActua completes the offer of programmes aimed at promoting sustainability and digitalisation in industry, such as consultancy cheques and the Local Sustainable Industry guarantee mark.

Those interested can request visits through this form,

This programme is the result of the work done by the workers of the SOIB Qualificats Primera Experiència programme, financed by the European Union – Next Generation.