Palma experiences a very popular San Sebastián

Jan 20, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

After two years of absence and restrictions, the most eagerly awaited San Sebastian festival has been the main protagonist in the streets of Palma.

So we have been able to share the evening with giants, xeremiers, demons and the Dragón de na Coca from Palma.

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The most important time yesterday was at 7 pm. The churches in the centre of the capital of Mallorca rang their bells to mark the beginning of the day dedicated to Saint Sebastian. This tradition has been rescued and brought to the present day thanks to the Obrería de San Sebastián, which recovered it from oblivion three years ago.
The Cathedral was the first to ring its bells, followed five minutes later by five of the most important churches in the city centre.

This San Sebastian has been characterised by its citizen participation. One of these events was the gathering of fifty brotherhoods in the Plaça de Llorenç Bisbal, which, after a brotherhood meal, brought together people from both outside and outside the capital.


Music is the main protagonist and a reflection of tradition and modernity. The Plaça de Cort, the Plaça Major was filled with giants, demons, batucada and our beloved Dragon to make us move our skeletons, recalling the most ancestral rhythms.

Musical modernity
It has been enjoyed live in five squares of the capital starting at 21h.
In the Plaza Mayor we enjoyed the groups Sedàs, Ballugall and the Menorcan Cris Juanico.
In the Plaza del Olivar, we enjoyed the best local groups, such as Jane Yo, Doctor Prats and the young Nita.
In the Plaza de la Reina, urban music has been the protagonist with Paula Candejas, the Argentinian Ana Tijoux and the Mallorcan Marc Seguí.
In the Plaza de Juan Carlos I, we enjoyed Amaia, the Mallorcans Bilo and La Love You.
In the Plaza de Cort the performances were by The Gramophones Allstars Big Band and the concert by former Duncan Dhu member Mikel Erentxun.

San Sebastián

As a curiosity, we should add that Saint Sebastian is considered the Christian Apollo, as he is one of the most reproduced saints in art in general. Palma invoked him in the past to save them from the dreaded plague as well as from the enemies of religion. Today we can say that this Christian Apollo has achieved great public participation.