The Balearic Islands Forestry Centre (CEFOR) celebrates its 90th anniversary with a series of informative activities.

Feb 13, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

These will be organised on Sundays from 19 February onwards.

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The Balearic Islands Forestry Centre (CEFOR)

The Forestry Centre of the Balearic Islands (CEFOR) is organising “Sundays at CEFOR”, a series of informative activities to raise awareness of the world of forestry, and nursery plant production and disseminate knowledge about biodiversity.

The first activity will take place on 19 February and will consist of a workshop on grafting holm oak with sweet acorn varieties in the Menut nursery seed bank. Technicians will explain their uses and the varieties identified in Mallorca, with the collaboration of the Association of Local Varieties.

The next “Sundays at CEFOR” are a sound tour of Menut, a walk to learn about the birds of the forest and a plant printing workshop, and are part of the celebration of CEFOR’s 90th anniversary.

CEFOR works on research from a forestry point of view, with the aim of guaranteeing the genetic conservation and biodiversity of the island. It is located on the Menut public estate and began as a forestry nursery in the 1930s, promoted by the Forestry District, a body dependent on the Ministry of Agriculture.

In addition to the expansion of forest knowledge and experimentation, its main functions are the production of native plants, conservation of forest diversity, forest awareness, control of forest reproductive material and training.