24 inspectors will carry out almost 1,000 actions during July and August to control the quality of employment in terms of seasonality, part-time work, working hours and wages in the Balearic Islands.

Jul 2, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Regional Ministry of Economic Model, Tourism and Labour is launching the 2023 Plan to Combat Precarious Employment, which the Labour Inspectorate is implementing as part of a joint plan. In July and August, 24 inspectors will carry out a total of 960 actions. The distribution of the number of inspectors by islands will be as follows: 14 in Mallorca, 4 in Ibiza, 4 in Menorca and 2 in Formentera. An administrative worker will support the operation in July and August.

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Quality of employment

The acting councillor for Economic Model, Tourism and Labour, Iago Negueruela, presented the planning for this summer, accompanied by the acting director general of Labour and Occupational Health, Virginia Abraham, and the interim director of IBASSAL, Rubén Castro. The presentation ceremony was also attended by the general secretaries of UGT and CCOO of the Balearic Islands and the representative of PYME Mallorca.

The objectives of the Plan to Combat Precariousness have changed from its inception in 2015 to the present, as both the rate of part-time and temporary employment has been reduced considerably in the last eight years. Specifically, the part-time employment rate has gone from 19.5% in 2015 to 11.4% in May 2023, while in Spain the current rate is 20.3%.

Temporary employment has also been reduced to deficient levels, as the councillor pointed out, from a rate of 32.4% in 2015 to 8.8% in May 2023. The national median rate of temporary employment still stands at 15.1%.

Thus, this summer’s special measures will focus on 960 service orders, which will be distributed as follows

Control of working time, overtime, working day records and breaks between working days.
Control of part-time work, especially women’s part-time work, and temporary work.
The social and gender impact of hiring, given that young people and women are the ones whose working conditions are most precarious,
A social security control, monitoring the lack of registration and the irregular economy.
Attached is the presentation document of the Lucha 2023 plan.