L’Orgullosament Inca grows in content and expands its programme with a fair, a film series and an exhibition.

Jul 3, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Part Forana’s leading protest festival will be held from 10 to 14 July and will feature the participation of Bárbara Rey, Rosa López, Dani Utrera, Eduardo Casanova, Killer Queen and Ariel Rec, among many other artists.
This year, in addition, the cycle “Musas del destape a favor del Orgullo” has been programmed with the projection of three mythical films and an exhibition on the magazine Interviu.


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Inca City Council and the Único Association today presented the programme of activities to be held in the capital of Raiguer, on the occasion of Inca Pride 2023. The event was attended by the mayor of ‘Inca, Virgilio Moreno; the councillor for Festivities, Antoni Peña; the president of the Único Association, Juan Pons; and other members of the council and the organisation.

“The programme we are presenting today features a wide variety of events, because we want it to reflect what Orgullosament Inca has always been about: diversity. The first four days will be held in the Cloister of Sant Domingo, where we will have a film series, an exhibition and other activities, and the main event will be on Friday, with the parade and the great festival of protest, because we understand the action of protesting by celebrating. Year after year, the Inca Pride has been consolidated and has positioned itself as a benchmark in the Balearic Islands,” explains councillor Peña.

For his part, the president of the association Únic stresses that “this year will be a Proudly Inca more vindictive than ever. We must continue to take steps forward and, nevertheless, keep pushing to keep moving forward. We will continue to fight until we achieve rights and real and effective equality”.

Thus, for yet another edition, a full programme of activities has been designed, incorporating new, original and vindicating activities, such as a fair and a film and art cycle. Thus, for the first year, this Saturday 1 July, the Cloister of Sant Domingo will host the LGTBIQ Fireta, where the public will find many of the information points that fight for the rights of the collective and make it visible. The fair, with several stalls, will have bar and food truck services, as well as ambient music by different deejays.

As for the film and art cycle, entitled “Musas del destape a favor del Orgullo”, it will be from Monday 10 July to Wednesday 12, and will include the screening of three well-known films in the fight for the cause that will be attended by renowned figures in the world of this vindictive cinema. Thus, Victoria Abril will visit Inca on the 12th of July for the screening of the film “Felpudo Maldito”, in which she plays the leading role.

In addition, the exhibition “Intervive: the history of the LGTB collective through the most famous magazine in Spain”, by Valeria Vegas, will be held. The programme is completed with the exhibition “Pride by flag 2.0” organised by the Únic association, and a special edition of DraBingo Tour 2023.

However, the highlight of this extensive programme will come on Friday 14 July, when the Festival ORGULOSAMENTE INCA 2023 will take place. The seventh edition of this important event in the capital of the Raiguer region is entitled “Va per tu, Estrella!” and will pay tribute to Fernando ‘Estrella’, who passed away last February.

Artists of the stature of Barbara Rey, Sofía Cristo, Rosa López, Dani Dutrera and Eduardo Casanova will perform on the festival stage. Inca will also see the participation of Killer Queen, Ariel Rec, Stacy Lover, Mystica Vileila, Mortia Dickinsane, Leonia Thorne; and, for yet another year, Joan Pons, Pepe Noguera of Diabéticas Aceleradas and Topacio Fresch.

The full programme of Orgulloso Inca 2023 can be consulted here: https://incaciutat.com/orgullosament-inca-2023