Menorca’s library network grows by 21% in new users

Jul 6, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

More than 42,000 people are users of a network that is approaching the 2019 figures.

Menorca’s library network

The Menorca Library Network (XBM) has presented its annual report with optimism and figures that are getting closer and closer to those of 2019 with a total of 42,223 users, with an increase of new users of 21% compared to 2021.

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During 2022, 2,624 people requested an XBM card and 328,976 visits were recorded, a figure that has improved considerably and is approaching the volume of visits before the pandemic. The libraries of Ferreries, Es Mercadal and Fornells now have more visits than in 2019.

The loan of books and materials amounted to 112,776 and all the libraries that form part of the XBM organised a total of 1,689 with the participation of 11,201 people. With 357 activities, the Alaior Library was the most active, ahead of Maó (337) and Ciutadella (313).

The Network of Libraries of Menorca continues to be committed to its cultural and social work and 953 people benefited during 2022 from the Digital Accompaniment Service, which is offered weekly to those who need help with new technologies to overcome the digital divide. Of these 953 people, 729 were women and 224 were men.

Budget and improvements for 2023

Digital accompaniment, cultural dynamisation and the work of the 29 people who make up the XBM were possible during 2022 thanks to a budget of 259,536.68 euros (2.7 euros per inhabitant).

The XBM is working to implement the new public library model of Menorca approved in July 2022 and which defines the roadmap that should guide us to achieve the objectives of change, both individually by libraries and in the Network, through fundamental axes such as the transformation of the current spaces to adapt them to the new model to be achieved; the review of the activities that are habitually carried out and the proposal of new activities and participative citizen laboratories; the rethinking of the collections policy, both physical and virtual and, finally, human resources and the provision of the necessary and qualified staff to carry out the change.

In short, the XBM carries out programmes to disseminate reading, improve its collections and integrate into the community it serves -Menorca- so that no one is left behind.