Mobility and Infrastructures begins to work to improve the Ma-14 between Felanitx-Manacor and the new roundabout at Son Macià

Jul 9, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The work, with a budget of more than 3 million euros, has a six-month completion period.

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Mobility and Infrastructures

Sevillano: “As a Manacorian I feel very excited to be able to conclude this legislature by giving the ‘sus’ to the start of work on this important project for the Levante Mallorcan coast”.

The acting Minister of Mobility and Infrastructures, Iván Sevillano, today supervised the start of work on the comprehensive improvement of the Ma-14 between Manacor and Felanitx and the new Son Macià roundabout. Sevillano was accompanied by the Chief Infrastructure Coordinator, Miguel Ángel Sagrera, as well as the Mayor of Manacor, Miquel Oliver, the Mayoress of Felanitx, Catalina Soler, and representatives of both town halls.

In detail, the intervention, which will begin next week and has a duration of six months with a budget of 3,033,451.85 euros, plans to rehabilitate the road surface from km 17.700 to 28.420, that is, the entire stretch of road linking the towns of Felanitx and Manacor will be rehabilitated; it is also planned to replace the safety barriers that are in poor condition with the incorporation of special protection systems for motorcyclists. A new roundabout will also be built at the Son Macià intersection with low-consumption LED lighting to make this area safer. And from an environmental point of view, it must be said that in this project a large part of the old asphalt will be used to recycle and reuse it, thus saving new quarry aggregate.

Furthermore, to save public money and land consumption, the work will be carried out without the need for appropriation or extensions.

The acting councillor for Mobility and Infrastructures, Iván Sevillano, explained that “as a Manacorian, I am very excited to be able to conclude this legislature by giving the go-ahead to the start of work on this important project for the Levante Mallorcan coast. We committed the residents of Manacor and Felanitx that work would begin on this project during this term of office, and we are delighted to be able to say that we have fulfilled it.

Sevillano added that “With this action, we are providing a solution to a road that needs to be improved. The state of the road surface is in a very degraded state, as are the verges. Now, we will provide greater safety and comfort for road users”.

As for the new roundabout, it will be built to distribute traffic on the Ma-14, between the Son Macià branch and the road to the orchards; the aim is for vehicles turning left (coming from Manacor) to be able to make the turn more safely. For this reason, and to allow vehicles coming from Felanitx to hang onto the road to the orchards, a new turning area will also be added.

The service area is also planned to be upgraded as part of the improvement of the intersection and a complete action will be carried out for the installation of street lighting using energy-saving LED luminaires.

“In this legislature, we have focused on work projects that have improved our road network, with special attention to the secondary network, which is closer to the day-to-day life of the towns. We have made a very significant investment to meet these needs that many municipalities and neighbours have been asking for years. This project that you are initiating today is one more example. And as a Manacorense, to close the circle in this way is very gratifying and exciting”, concluded Sevillano, acting councillor for Mobility and Infrastructures.