Unemployment falls by 50,268 to its lowest level in 15 years

Jul 12, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Unemployment falls below 2.7 million in June for the first time since 2008
It is a general decline: it is reflected in all ages, in all sectors and among men and women.
Among young people, it is again at a new record low: 184,491 persons
Unemployment among women is at its lowest level since 2008 with 30,710 fewer unemployed women.
The great transformation in hiring is consolidated: 42.3% of contracts signed in June are indefinite contracts
The number of people registered in the offices of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) at the end of June fell by 50,268 people (-1.84%), compared with the previous month.

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Registered unemployment stood at a total of 2,688,842 people, the lowest figure in the last 15 years, specifically since September 2008. In the last 12 months, the reduction has been almost 200,000 people (-191,740 people, -6.66%).

This decline, which is widespread throughout the country, affects all sectors and all age groups, both men and women. It also confirms the positive evolution of the labour market, which has now spent 14 uninterrupted months with the number of unemployed below three million people.

Since June 2020, three years ago, more than one million people have left the unemployment rolls (-1,174,041). Thus, unemployment has fallen by 30.4%, a situation that has occurred despite the economic uncertainty generated by the war on European soil.

Unemployment by sector

Unemployment registered in June shows a generalised fall in all sectors, with the specific exception of Agriculture, which registered only 220 more people (0.21%).

With respect to May, the sector that shows the most significant decrease is that of Services with 42,133 persons less (-2.16%) in unemployment, in Industry with 4,888 persons less (-2.24%) and Construction with 1,688 persons less (-0.80%). Added to this is the group Without Previous Employment, where there are 1,779 persons less (-0.71%).

In interannual terms, the Services sector shows almost 110,000 fewer unemployed persons (-109,754) than in June last year, while in Agriculture there are 40,302 fewer, in Industry 21,544 fewer and in Construction 19,028 fewer persons.

Unemployment by Sex and age

The month of June saw a new record low for young people under the age of 25 registered with the SEPE, which fell to 184,491 people. This figure is almost half of that recorded in February 2021.

Unemployment among young people under 25 fell in June by 3,552 persons (-1.89%), compared with the previous month.

Unemployment among young people under 25 fell in June by 3,552 persons (-1.89%), compared with the previous month.

Also significant is the fall among women, which is at its lowest level since 2008, with 30,710 fewer unemployed women registered in June. This is a drop of 1.86% compared with May. The total number of unemployed women stands at 1,624,317.

Compared with June last year, female unemployment fell by almost 100,000 (-99,498).

Male unemployment stood at 1,064,525, falling by 19,558 men (-1.80%) compared with May.

Unemployment by Autonomous Community

In the 17 Autonomous Communities as a whole, there was a generalised decrease during the month of June. In absolute figures Andalusia (-8,780 persons), Catalonia (-6,359 persons) and Galicia (-5,410 persons) are the Autonomous Communities with the greatest decrease.

In percentage terms, however, the most notable decreases were recorded in Asturias (-4.57%) and Cantabria (-4.36%), while in the Community of Madrid (-0.80%) and Andalusia (-1.24%) the decrease was weaker.


In a month prone to seasonality, permanent contracts were consolidated: 631,810 permanent contracts were signed in June, 42.32% of the total.

A total of 1,492,803 contracts were signed in June, 15.61% less than in the same month last year.

So far this year, 7,662,826 contracts have been signed, which is almost two million fewer contracts (-1,909,080, -19.94%) than during the first half of 2022.

Benefits in the month of May

The coverage of the unemployment protection system during the month of May 2023 was 64.93%, the same indicator in May 2022 was 60.65%.

The average monthly expenditure per beneficiary, not including the agricultural subsidy in Andalusia and Extremadura, in May was €1,064.2, which represents an increase of €90.7 compared to the same month of the previous year.

In May, total expenditure on benefits amounted to 1,734.3 million euros.