Andreu Villalonga, manager of Vins Ca’n Novell, brings us closer to the Shopping Night

Jul 15, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Interview, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Vins Ca’n Novell winery and vineyard has been located in Binissalem since 1932. Its manager, Andreu Villalonga, tells us how they are going to participate in the Shopping Night, reminding us that wines and friends are the perfect mix.

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Andreu Villalonga

What would you highlight about your participation in the Shopping Night?

This is our second edition. Last year we already participated in the first edition. The experience was very pleasant and this year we are participating again.

We are participating together with two neighbouring shops, Bonaire 15 and La Gisela, all three of us are located in the same street and we are neighbours in location.

This year we will have a musical group, and we as a celler will have a selection of vermouth wines available for tasting. You will be able to taste our range of wines: whites, blacks, rosés and vermouths.

What we recommend for this evening is the Vermouth. It is very well received and is renowned for its great taste.

What advice would you give us when choosing a wine?

Personal taste is the most important thing
Sometimes the situation, the weather or the food helps you to prefer a certain type of wine. I am not dogmatic, so I can pair a white wine with meat and a red wine with fish.
Each and every one of our wines is special and has its own unique characteristics.
If I had to recommend a wine, I wouldn’t know which one to choose, as it depends a lot on each person’s taste. However, one of our most popular wines is È.

Where can we find them?
We are located in Calle Bonaire 17 in Binissalem. Telephone 971 51 13 10.
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