The School of Dramatic Arts of Menorca has presented the novelties for the next course, with new teaching itineraries, a renewal of teachers, and an updated corporate image.

Aug 4, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The presentation was made during a press conference at the Consell Insular de Menorca, with the assistance of the Minister of Culture, Education, Youth and Sports, Joan Pons, the councillor of Culture and Sports of the City Council of Sant Lluís, Chiara Berini, the coordinator of the School of Dramatic Art of Menorca, Marta Cantamisa, and the new professor of Interpretation of the EADM, Aleix Rengel.

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“It is a pleasure to present a new program for the Escuela de Arte Dramático de Menorca. We are very happy to present a new logo, new curriculum, and new teachers,” explained the Minister of Culture, Education, Youth and Sports, Joan Pons.

This course the school offers a new curriculum with a renewed teaching staff. “We have a different offer of studies. We have been detecting concerns and collecting conversations from the students. We want the school to be a reference for the whole of Menorca. In fact, we have opened enrollment and we are very happy with the response we are having,” said Marta Cantamisa, coordinator of the EADM.

Thus, the offer for the 2023/2024 academic year includes two differentiated lines of study. On the one hand, the professional path, which includes a minimum of 8 teaching hours per week. This course aims to ensure that young people who in the future want to dedicate themselves to theatre professionally, can be trained on our island to access higher education. On the other hand, the school also offers an amateur course, which includes 4 hours a week of interpretation, body and voice technique spread over two school days. This itinerary is aimed at all those who already do theatre or want to enter the world of the performing arts.

As for the teaching staff, Rita Barber continues as Voice teacher and the staff is completed with Aleix Rengel, as teacher of Interpretation and Àngela Tortajada as teacher of Body and Movement. The offer will be completed with complementary courses by great professionals such as Nina, Esteve Soler or Dionisio Sánchez Loring, among others.

“We want the performing arts to acquire a good level in a small place like Menorca. I have detected an immense talent. We have to make the whole island can access the training, the goal is to be able to include students from all over Menorca,” said Aleix Rengel.

The course starts on Monday, October 2 and ends on May 15. In order to make a proper assessment of each student, there will be some non-exclusive tests in order to establish the most appropriate path for each applicant. These tests will be held on Monday, September 18 at 7:30 p.m. and in order to take them, a free-choice theatrical monologue of approximately 5 minutes’ duration must be prepared.

As for the registration fee, the amount is a single payment of 240 euros for the entire course. However, there is a reduced price of 120 euros for students who can prove any of the following circumstances: students under 30 years of age; unemployed students; students who belong to a large family, either general or special.

The complementary workshops and monographs (many of them open to the general public) will be announced throughout the course and have an additional cost.

At the moment, the registration process for the 2023-24 course of the School of Dramatic Art of Menorca (EADM), located in the Albert Camus Hall in Sant Lluís for 9 years, is already open. “All the agents involved have a common goal: to ensure that citizens can access training in performing arts. We contribute to this goal and it strengthens us all as a group,” said the Councilor for Culture and Sports of the City of Sant Lluís, Chiara Berini.

The EADM, created in 2009, is an initiative of the Department of Culture, Education, Youth and Sports of the Consell Insular de Menorca that was born with the main purpose of offering regulated studies to anyone interested in the practice and knowledge of theatre. Its main objective is to train all people with scenic concerns and interest in the theatrical field, both to prepare for access to higher studies, as well as for artistic practice per se, promoting knowledge and appreciation of dramatic art.

Those interested can find more information on the school’s website ( or on Instagram (@eadm.cime). To register online and take the entrance exam, send an email to