The Consell de Mallorca incorporates 51.2 million euros of remainder in the budgets of 2024

Apr 11, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Interview, Portada, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

President Llorenç Galmés has affirmed that, with this injection, the social investments in the municipalities, which represent 60 % of the total, are increased

The Consell de Mallorca will approve tomorrow in the plenary session the extraordinary incorporation of 51,230,672 euros of the residual treasury to the budgets of 2024, which amounts to 646 million euros. This was announced by the president of the Consell de Mallorca, Llorenç Galmés, who explained that “this amount will be used to strengthen the main lines of the accounts of the island institution for this year, that is, social policies, municipalism, mobility, environment and culture. Social and village investments represent 60% of the total”.

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Incorporates 51.2 million euros of remainder in the budgets of 2024

The president stated that “after approving the budgets of change, the highest and most social in the history of the institution, we continue to advance in our commitment to improving the quality of life of the citizens of this land”. Galmés stressed that “our priority is people and, for this reason, they are at the centre of our policies”.

On the other hand, President Galmés regretted that “the uncertainty of the central government and the fact that no general budget has been approved means that the Consell de Mallorca is missing out on an additional 10.6 million euros, which would be very useful for providing quality services”. For his part, the Minister of Finance and Public Function, Rafel Bosch, stressed that “it has not been possible to incorporate all of the remaining funds, which amount to 104 million euros, due to the doubts as to whether or not the Spanish government will reapply the fiscal rules”.

Increase in social investments in the municipalities

The president of the Consell de Mallorca announced that 10.5 million euros would go to the IMAS. On the one hand, 9 million euros will be invested in the purchase of the building of the Hermanitas de los Pobres and 1.5 million euros to acquire the dollar of Manacor, intended for the care of the elderly of the municipality.

The Department of the Presidency will have an additional one million euros at its disposal. 190,000 euros will be allocated to help women who are victims of gender violence. An additional 165,000 euros will also be allocated to youth programmes, to build a more inclusive and participatory society, and 75,000 euros for socio-cultural activities for the elderly.

Likewise, of the 51 million euros remaining, 12.1 million euros will be allocated to the Department of Economic Promotion and Local Development in a clear commitment to municipalism. Of this, 5 million euros will go to a new call for subsidies for local councils to improve water cycle infrastructures. Also, 3.3 million euros will be used to pay the aid for economic reactivation after covid-19 corresponding to 2021-2022. Likewise, the payment of 2.5 million euros to Palma City Council for the year 2025 for the Law of Capitality is advanced. 770,000 euros will be for the vouchers for commerce and 500,000 euros so that the town councils can comply with the State Law on Animal Welfare.

For its part, the Department of the Environment, Rural Affairs and Sports incorporates 7.1 million euros. Of this, 6 million euros will go to the island’s municipalities so that they can renovate or build new sports facilities. In addition, 1 million euros will be allocated to the Alaró Town Council to rehabilitate the Almadrà path, which leads to the Tossals Verds refuge. 100,000 euros will also be invested in the management of boats in the Sa Dragonera Natural Park.

The Department of Culture will receive 907,000 euros from the surplus. Of this, 500,000 euros will go to the Fundación Teatro Principal and 200,000 euros to organise cultural activities. Tourism will have 372,000 euros, which will be distributed as follows: 350,000 euros for the Governance Directorate, to organise forums in the municipalities of Mallorca and 14,000 euros to pay the staff in charge of initiating and resolving the sanctioning proceedings in the Calvià Town Hall for the Decree Law against excessive tourism.

Modernisation of infrastructures

The Department of Territory, Mobility and Infrastructures is incorporating 18.8 million euros from the remaining funds. “A necessary amount”, according to the councillor Rafel Bosch, since, he pointed out, “it has been an area that has been underfunded in recent years”. Most of the funds will be earmarked for the rehabilitation of Mallorca’s road network.

The area of Finance and Public Function will have 200,000 euros for various actions in the fire stations to improve their energy efficiency.