Recommendations of the General Directorate of Consumer Affairs for the beginning of the school year.

Sep 5, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The return to the classrooms, which will start on Monday, September 11, is a time of changes and expenses. Textbooks, school supplies, clothes, footwear and other products related to the return to the classroom mean an extraordinary expense for most families.

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Affairs for the beginning of the school year

Review school supplies from the previous school year and take advantage of everything that can be reused. It is advisable to make an inventory of the material we already have in order to buy only what we need. The material that cannot be reused and has a useful life can be given to people close to us or to social organizations.

Prepare a budget in advance with the available expenditure and compare prices and quality of the same product in different establishments, in order to find the best product at the best price.

Plan purchases of textbooks, school supplies, clothing, footwear and other products. Buy what you really need.

Buy in stages, especially clothing and footwear. It is advisable not to buy a lot of clothes at the beginning of the school year and to buy, whenever possible, as needed. It should be remembered that “brand is not always synonymous with higher quality”.

Promote the circular economy, which values the life cycle of a product (manufacture, marketing, use, consumption, waste management and reintroduction into production cycles). This offers a model that preserves nature and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Find out about the program for financing textbooks and didactic material, offered by many educational centers.

When shopping in a store

Ask for and keep the receipt or invoice, since it is the guarantee.

Be informed about the return or exchange policy. Establishments are not obliged to exchange or refund money for a product that is in perfect condition unless they advertise it as such.

Keep the advertisement or brochure of the product, whenever possible, since it is what verifies that what is advertised corresponds to what is really offered. Advertising binds the company that advertises.

Carefully read the instructions for use and the characteristics of the product to verify that it fits the needs and children. It is advisable to verify that the materials and products bear the CE marking and that the labelling corresponds to the nature and characteristics of the product.

If purchases are made during the sales period, consumers have the same rights as at any other time of the year. It is advisable to check that the discounted products do not hide any type of defect.

Remember that the legal warranty period for products is set at 3 years for new products (2 years if they are digital content).

For online purchases

It is recommended to do it in safe places. Purchases made on pages based in Spain or in an EU member country are protected by the right of withdrawal, which gives the right to return the product within 14 calendar days and without giving any cause. Remember that the right of withdrawal must be communicated and that there are a number of exceptions to this right, depending on the article or service on which you want to exercise it.

From the General Directorate of Benefits, Pharmacy and Consumer Affairs, it is emphasized that companies are obliged to have official complaint or denunciation sheets, and that it is a guarantee to choose a company adhered to the Consumer Arbitration System.

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Eivissa: 971 17 70 67

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Free phone number for consumer service: 900 16 60 60 00