Joan Romaguera Llabrés, manager of Fauna Palma: “40 years of experience at the service of our pets”.

Sep 13, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Joan Romaguera Llabrés, manager of Fauna Palma, has spent his entire life dedicated to advising on the care of our pets

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Joan Romaguera Llabrés, manager of Fauna Palma

We currently find Joan Romaguera Llabrés as manager of Fauna Palma in Centro Comercial FAN, formerly known by the name of Continent
The fish store of Alcampo has joined the family of Fauna Palma, since 3 months ago. So we can say that we will be in the best hands.

We meet Joan Romaguera Llabrés, at his workplace, along with the best-kept curiosities of this new space, a reference in the care of our pets.
40 years of experience, told by Joan Romaguera Llabrés, Fauna Palma’s manager.

How did Joan Romagera Llabrés’ relationship with Fauna Palma begin?
We are a family business within a large shopping centre.
Being a zoological nucleus we guarantee the care of these animals since we must inform the administration of the Autonomous Community of its existence and of all the animals we have.

Peculiarities presented by zoological cores, reported by Joan Romaguera Llabrés, manager of Fauna Palma

What are the peculiarities of the zoological cores?
We have an agriculture and fishing permit. We have continuous inspections by the Conselleria in which a veterinarian certifies that everything is correct according to the current regulations. We are one of the few in Mallorca with this specification.

What can we find in the Fauna Palma store, according to Joan Romaguera Llabrés?
From Fauna Palma, we have all kinds of animals, from hamsters, reptiles, and fish.
We have a wide range of complements for our pets, together with a great variety of food for dogs, cats, fish, birds, and reptiles. An example is the live bait for reptiles.

Joan Romaguera Llabrés, manager of Fauna Palma, tell us a secret.

Does Joan Romaguera Llabrés tell us a secret?
Children ask us a lot for hamsters and all kinds of rabbits. They also ask us for hairless or bald rats, and American rats as pets.
We have everything related to our pets. Thus, you will find a great variety of cages. Another peculiarity is that almost 70% of the products in the store are national products. Thus, Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia are some of the autonomous communities suppliers.