The water reserves of the Balearic Islands are at 51%, 5 points higher than last summer

Sep 14, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Rainfall during the month of August led to record rainfall in several stations of the Islands

The water reserves of the Balearic Islands are at 51% during the month of August, five percentage points more than the same month last year, with 46%. By islands, in Mallorca and Menorca the reserves are 3% higher. Specifically, Mallorca is up from 49% to 52%, compared to August 2022, and Menorca from 43% to 46%. In the case of Eivissa, it is the only island that suffers a drop in bookings compared to last year, from 49% to 41%, but increases compared to July 2023 (from 40% to 41%).

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The water reserves of the Balearic Islands

In the last month, eight Demand Units decreased: Menorca, Artà, Manacor-Felanitx, Migjorn, Pla, Palma-Alcúdia, Tramuntana Nord, Tramuntana Sud; and two increased: Eivissa and Formentera. The most significant decreases are those of UD Artà, Tramuntana Nord and Tramuntana Sud. In relation to the drought index, the general situation of the demarcation (0.419) is very similar to that of last year (0.417) and identical to that of two years ago (0.419).

Regarding the Demand Units (DU), Tramuntana Nord enters the pre-alert scenario, thus joining the three that already were (Migjorn, Pla and Eivissa). Therefore, six UD remain in the normal scenario (Menorca, Artà, Manacor-Felanitx, Palma-Alcúdia, Tramuntana Sud and Formentera).

As for the data from the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), they indicate that in the Balearic Islands as a whole, the month of August has been very rainy, 69.6 l/m² compared to 19.6 l/m² of the historical average (3.5 times more). Thus, in Menorca it has been a very wet month with 67.2 l/m² when the historical average is 15.3 l/m²; in Eivissa, it has been 86.5 l/m² when the historical average is 18.1 l/m²; and, in Formentera, it has been 41.2 l/m² against 11.4 l/m² average.

In Mallorca and Menorca almost all the accumulated rainfall was due to the storms of August 27, data that led to rainfall records in several stations, highlighting the 128 l/m² in Escorca Son Torrella (record data since 1968) or the 130 l/m² in Ciutadella. Considering the current situation and the time of the year, it is foreseeable that in the month of September, the reserves will rise in all the islands.

As for temperatures, according to AEMET data, it has been a warm month in the Balearic Islands with an average temperature of 26.1 °C and an anomaly of 0.7 °C.