The Consell de Mallorca starts the campaign of environmental education and recycling in sports centres

Oct 4, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Departament de Medi Ambient, Medi Rural i Esports (Department of the Environment, Rural Affairs and Sports)
The Department of the Environment, Rural Affairs and Sports will send 300 blue and yellow containers to all municipal sports centres, and workshops and information points will be set up to reduce waste on the fields during sports days as a preventive measure.

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Campaign of environmental education and recycling in sports centres

The presentation of the Consell de Mallorca’s new environmental education campaign in sports facilities took place today at the Ses Nines sports centre in Llubí. It is “EsportNet. We are environment”, which promotes a message of sustainability, recycling and cleanliness of public sports spaces, as well as prevention with information and education in sports spaces, but also in schools.

The second vice-president and councillor of the Department of the Environment, Rural Environment and Sports, Pedro Bestard, and the mayoress of Llubí, Magdalena Perelló, accompanied by the island directors of Sports and Waste, Toni Prats and Margaliga Roig, have visited the sports facility, renovated with financial support from the Consell, where the first containers of the campaign have already arrived. It is expected that during 2023, 300 Ecoembes units will be distributed, both blue and yellow containers, for indoors and outdoors, specific to each space and to be renewed on demand.

This proposed distribution of bins focuses on “blue and yellow” recycling: yellow bins for plastic containers, cans and bricks and blue bins for paper and cardboard. They will reach all public sports centres and the project will be accompanied by workshops and information points on specific sports dates. A distribution that will allow both pavilions and corridors and common areas to have these containers highly visible, to encourage their use.

The Consell will also offer educational workshops in schools this year as part of the “Súmate” programme during school hours on sports sustainability, accompanied by a theoretical-practical talk and a video with messages promoted by Mallorca’s young sportsmen and women. It will reach 38,000 schoolchildren during the 2023-2024 school year.

As the councillor Bestard commented, “we want to raise awareness of the need to dispose of the waste generated in sports areas in the right place. There is nothing better than doing it through young sportspeople, in a chain message that involves families”.

The proposal comes from a joint work between Waste and Sports, following the request of the members representing the town councils in the Consell Esportiu de Mallorca (COESMA), a consultative body of the Consell. Pedro Bestard added that “from both areas, proposals will be made for educational workshops, not only to raise awareness of the need to recycle, but also to generate less plastic waste, which currently in the Balearic Islands is 26,608 tonnes of packaging, cans and bricks”.