Marco Lascala, president of the Civic Association of Professionals of Menorca (ACPRO) critical of the measures to suspend the night markets in Mahón.

Jul 6, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured

Marco Lascala, president of the Asociación Cívica de Profesionales de Menorca (ACPRO), believes that it is all too common to see indifference to Covid’s social contingency measures on the street.

He hopes that the restrictions do not fall on the usual people. He reminds us that Menorca has the highest rate of pandemic, surpassing that of 25th January, with 506 cases. He also states that on the terraces of bars, restaurants and nightlife venues, customers are controlled and prevention measures are respected.

Likewise, he considers the measure of suspending night markets and street music this week in Mahón to be appropriate and believes that it will have to be supported by the public, who have been relaxed with the prevention measures, in the face of an uncontrolled increase in the number of positive cases.
He has seen how the suspension of the curfew has led to the situation getting out of hand. He is well aware that the curfew worked. However, he does not see it as a single measure. It needs to be complemented by the commitment of all and, without hesitation, avoid the closure of businesses as in the past.

The future depends on the evolution of this upturn. At the moment Menorca has 15% of the tourism that it used to have in this period. British citizens are expected to visit, as they are quite regular visitors to Menorca. It is a situation of great uncertainty since, as we all know, reservations can be cancelled on the same day. It is necessary to take control measures since it is when the establishments close that these crowds of people are produced.

The problem is the moment where thousands of people drink alcohol outside bars and not all of them are so young.

Marco is optimistic and appeals to this collective responsibility. He reminds us that those who work, nightlife, bars and restaurants have to control the terraces and establishments ensuring that their customers maintain and enjoy all the preventive measures. We are the first ones interested in controlling the situation.

This situation has practically less than half of the Minorcan population vaccinated and it is also expected that in a few weeks the younger ones will be practically immunised, so we hope that the situation will normalise soon.