Inca pays tribute to “Mójate” with a mural by Joan Aguiló

Jul 8, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured

The exclusive pictorial work is located in the swimming pools of the Mateu Cañellas sports centre.

The mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno, and the manager of ABDEM, Colau Terrassa, accompanied by the councillor for sports, Antoni Penya, the councillor for participation, Andreu Caballero, the councillor for culture, Alice Weber, the head of ABDEM in Inca, María Antonia Vives, and the head of communication and events of ABDEM, Mar Valero, have visited the large format mural created by Joan Aguiló in the swimming pools of the Mateu Cañellas sports centre. The illustration, entitled “Conversations in the water”, depicts a row of feet in the water.

“The aim of this pictorial work is to beautify the sports centre and provide its own identity in this sports facility that receives a large number of visitors throughout the year. The image is visible from any point in the pools and humanises a functional space,” explains sports councillor Antoni Penya.

For his part, the Mallorcan artist Joan Aguiló, points out that “The feet in the water initiate conversations without pretensions or determined duration. It seems that, involuntarily, it imposes a pause in time”.

At the same time, this exclusive mural pays tribute to the “Mójate” project, promoted by the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (ABDEM) with the aim of raising funds to support people suffering from this disease and contribute to research. Year after year, Inca Town Council joins this initiative and the swimming pools of the Mateu Cañellas sports centre in Inca host numerous solidarity baths.

“From the City Council of Inca we have always been on the side of ABDEM to help them to give visibility to multiple sclerosis. And this year we wanted to go a step further and publicly show our support for the “Mójate” campaign to reach even more citizens,” said the councillor for participation, Andreu Caballero.

This year, the “Mójate por la Esclerosis Múltiple” will be held on Sunday 11 July throughout Spain. All those who want to collaborate will be able to do so at the swimming pools of the Mateu Cañellas sports centre, starting at 10am.

“For us it has been a pleasure to have again the artist Joan Aguiló for the realization of a large-scale work as special as this. We encourage all Inqueros to come to the Mateu Cañellas sports centre on Sunday to join the “Mójate” campaign and at the same time to see the mural”, adds the mayor Virgilio Moreno.