Inca achieves more than 4 million impacts on social networks as a tourist destination.

Jul 9, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured

The event, which was supported by Inca City Council and the Mallorca Tourism Foundation, promoted heritage, crafts, gastronomy and culture as tourist attractions.

At the end of May and beginning of June, the Comic Agency, with the support of the Inca City Council and the Mallorca Tourism Foundation, held an initiative in Inca aimed at raising awareness of the city as a tourist destination. To do this, the triple blog formula was chosen, with some twenty travel bloggers and influencers on social networks telling all the experiences they lived mainly on Twitter and Instagram and then on their respective blogs.

The event has generated more than 4 million impacts on social networks and a range of more than 627,000 accounts in addition to the activity on Twitter and Instagram, the two social networks that were used as a reference during the triple blog with the hashtags #somdemallorca #mallorcasafetourism #visitinca.

Specifically, Twitter alone achieved 2.8 million impacts and reached a total of more than 155,000 accounts through almost 1,656 tweets. Instagram was the other social network used to communicate the event and, through it, more than 640,000 impacts were generated, taking into account the Stories, which reached more than 175,000 accounts. All these thanks to the 937 images and videos uploaded on this social network.

These numbers should be added to the readings that will be added to the publications posted on the different travel blogs of the members of the Association of Balearic Travel Bloggers, which has once again collaborated with the event.

These numbers confirm the good acceptance of this initiative that sought to publicise the Inca from multiple angles, as well as its cultural, natural and gastronomic wealth. In this sense, the Councillor for Tourism and Promotion of the City, Miguel Angel Cortés points out that “with this travel blog we want to complement the effort we are making from the City Council to bring more tourists to the city and especially tourists with a different profile to the sun and beach and spread throughout the year. The purpose of this initiative, therefore, was to make known through social networks all that the capital of Raiguer can offer to the visitor”.