Inca declares war on cockroaches

Jul 19, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured

If you find yourself in Inca tomorrow, specifically in the Blanquer neighbourhood, you will have to take certain measures, whether you are a passer-by or a resident.
The Warning!!! On Tuesday 20th July, more drastic action will be taken against cockroaches, in particular in the Blanquer area. We recommend neighbourhoods to close windows and access to the street on this day. It is also advisable to put a patch or towel at the foot of the door so that no insect can escape.
We share a map with the different areas of action. These will be the schedules
6.00h in red
8.00h in green colour
9.30h in yellow colour
1 1.30h in blue colour

Passers-by are advised to avoid driving on these streets at the times indicated. All this in order to reduce the number of animals that have been adapting since the Palaeolithic era.