The Balearic Islands go amber for the British

Jul 19, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured

At the same time that the British have left the restrictions behind, our islands have lost their green status and have gone amber.
All this together with the entry into force that same day of the entry into quarantine of all the British who return from our Balearic Islands and who have not been fully vaccinated.

This morning we have left the safe zones, the green zones. We have entered the amber list and that means that on our return to the UK we have to quarantine. Unless you are already immunised with the full vaccination schedule.
The deadline for British people travelling or already in the Balearics to return without quarantine is coming to an end.

In the UK 68% of the population is already fully immunised. Balearic hoteliers are expecting cancellations from non-immunised people who have already booked.

A situation that may worsen as on Thursday the UK reviews this provision.

And now with the incidence going up, it may go from amber to red next Thursday. In this case, red, the double vaccination to avoid quarantine would not work.

Other places in Spain are missing the British, one of them Benidorm.