Warmer weather than last week, the truce is over.

Jul 19, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured

Today the maximum temperature will be 31 degrees Celsius.

The sea is very calm, with the Embat already blowing.

Tomorrow Santa Margarita reminds us that this is the hottest period of the year. The temperature will increase over the next few days

In the middle of the week, we will be more aware of this increase in temperatures, which will reach 35 degrees in the interior of Mallorca, but which will be equally noticeable in the rest of the islands. So we can say that the summer weather is coming, where we will sweat it out.
These days we will be talking about strong sunshine all over the islands.

The current situation is reflected today:

Ibiza with clear skies and humidity that exceeds 60%, which makes a considerable thermal sensation.

In the North of Mallorca, in particular Puerto de Pollença, we find a cloudless sky and an average temperature of 31 degrees, the humidity is around 50%.

Es Castell in Menorca has a slightly higher temperature of 32 degrees, the humidity is around 50% and the sky is clear of clouds.

In Central Europe, things are improving after a dramatic few days with more than 180 dead after the floods. A cold air pocket has brought heavy and heavy rains.

A tongue of warm air will move northwards and during the course of this week, it will affect our islands. In fact, we will see that during the course of this week the temperature will be rising. Tomorrow it will be noticeable, but it will be in the middle of the week when we will appreciate this rise the most.

This tongue of warm air is on the verge of entering our islands. On Wednesday we will reach this increase. The increase in temperature will be progressive and slow but it will be more and more difficult to sleep.

Today we will have average temperatures. In the middle of the week, temperatures will rise to over 35 degrees Celsius. On Thursday, Friday these temperatures could be around 37, 38º.

This afternoon we expect a lot of sunshine, some clouds of evolution in the north of Mallorca but without precipitation.
The wind blows lightly, the Embat is organised in the bays of Mallorca.

Tomorrow we will no longer see the clouds of evolution, the sky will be bluer and clearer with temperatures that will not vary much from todays. The maximum temperatures will reach 34, 35 and 35 degrees. The maximum temperatures will reach 34, 35 degrees in the interior of Mallorca and the wind will be moderate.

Wednesday a new rise in temperatures in some places may exceed 35 º, wind very flows, Embat in the central hours of the day.

As we approach the end of the week we find weak clouds but without changes and reaching 36, 37 degrees.

Warmer weather than last week, the truce is over.