Help! Lost in Campanet Have you seen Boira?

Jul 20, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured

Boira got lost on Saturday 17th July around 17:30 in the Ullaró/Campanet area.

Her family is desperately looking for her. The car picked her up in Campanet, in the area from Ullaró to the motorway Inca-Alcudia. She has a chip, weighs about 3 kilos, has a docked tail, droopy ears and a scar on her abdomen, she is spayed and has a very friendly character.

Only those of us who have lost a pet knows how hard it is. It is a time of uncertainty for her family who adores her.

If anyone thinks they have seen her or has picked her up, please contact us on the following telephone numbers:

  • 611 493 366
  • 676 908 364