Inca begins the demolition of the buildings in front of the Teatro Principal to create a square.

Jul 21, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured

The purpose of the project is to sponge the existing urban fabric and create a new space for citizens in front of a reference facility in the municipality.

The Inca City Council has awarded the works contract for the execution of the project to demolish the existing buildings in front of the theatre to the company Maties Amer SL. The purpose of this action is the construction of a new square in the capital of Raiguer.

“The theatre is a cultural reference facility within the city of Inca that will surely attract many visitors. Therefore, we have considered it appropriate to create a new free space for the citizens and, therefore, to sponge the urban fabric”, explains the mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno.

The demolition works affect the buildings located at numbers 7 and 9 on calle Teatro; numbers 11, 13 and 17 on calle Médico Martí; and numbers 72 and 88 on calle San Bartolomé. In this way, the new square will be located right in front of the Theatre building, specifically on the corner of Calle del Teatro and Calle Médico Martí, as specified in the General Urban Development Plan.

The project to sponge the old town with the demolition of the buildings affected by the refurbishment and extension of the Teatro Principal has a total budget of 645,372.29 euros. The Consorcio Bolsa de Alojamientos Turísticos will co-finance this action with 500,000 euros.

The execution period for this first phase of the project, which consists of the expropriation and demolition of dwellings, will be approximately two months.

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