Free Jazz in Inca

Jul 24, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured


The INCAJAZZ Festival is on the move again in its 15th edition. Every Sunday in July at the Cuartel General de Luque, come and celebrate an encounter with the freshest jazz in the city of Inca, marinated with a demonstration of local food and drinks.

This Sunday 25th July we will be attending the last of the concerts in the Inca Jazz 2021 Programme. Admission is free and subject to current safety precautions. Tickets can be purchased at

Tinons embarks on his adventure in 2009 when he decides to leave Mallorca in search of new experiences. He moved to Barcelona where he studied singing with jazz singer Sabina Witt. He attended several courses and workshops in theatre, piano, cabaret and dance. After being part of pop bands (Sastre por centavos) and folk bands (Isaac Ulam) he starts his way in the world of jazz coinciding with musicians like Santi Careta, Joel Moreno, Marco Mezquida, Marcel-lin Bayer, Oscar Domenech, Pascal Morente, Jorge Rossy, Daniel Alvarez, Rick van den Bosc, Cristian Portillo, etc. After a long trip to Brazil, where he was passionate about Brazilian popular music, he decided to return to his hometown to continue learning with the great international musicians who passed through Mallorca. Here he receives some singing lessons from Lia Cagigal and allies himself with musicians Pedro Rosa, Omar Lanuti, Juan Torrandell, who make the return home more fun.

In this adventure that began a few years ago, na Tinons develops personally and professionally with experiences as different and enriching as recording in studios, singing in auditions and jam sessions, recording videos, singing in choirs, theatre theatres, bars, parties, in the street, collaborating with other artists, recording jingles for advertising, travelling doing concerts, singing in several languages and music of different styles, etc.

Tinons & the mopis is a young group made up of musicians with a long journey and a sense of humour. They present a very fresh and light pure jazz / swing with a strong rhythmic base. Great jazz and swing classics made popular by great artists such as Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzerald and some very charming peculiarities is the repertoire they play live and we can enjoy at Inca Jazz 2021!