Margarita Salas grants for the training of young doctorate

Jul 24, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured

The University of the Balearic Islands has announced the Margarita Salas grants for the training of young doctors. The grants can have a duration of two or three years:

  • To have finished your PhD at the UIB less than two years ago. Objective:

The aim of these grants is the training of young doctors through training stays in a Spanish public university or in foreign universities or research centres, as well as in Spanish public research organisations, provided that in the last year the stay is in a Spanish public university selected by the person making the application.

Duration :
These grants can last two or three years and must be for full years. The starting date must be the first day of the month of the beginning of the stay.

Requirements :

a. Hold a doctorate from the UIB. The initial incorporation must be applied for at a university or public research centre other than the UIB.
Those who have obtained a doctorate at a private university and wish to have a post-doctoral stay or the last year of the UIB scholarship can also apply for this grant.

b. A maximum of two years have elapsed between the date of obtaining the doctoral degree and the closing date of the application period (6 September 2021 inclusive).

However, the two-year period will be extended when any of the situations listed in Annex II 1.i) of the Royal Decree arise.

c. If the grant is requested for stays at universities or research centres located abroad, or at Spanish public research centres, the last year of the grant must be spent at a Spanish public university, selected by the candidate, including the UIB.

Documentation to be submitted, in Spanish, Catalan or English:

a. Abbreviated curriculum vitae (FECYT CVA) of the candidate.

b. Copy of DNI / passport / NIE

c. Copy of the doctoral degree or similar document showing the date on which the degree was obtained.

d. Scientific-technical history of the receiving group or groups. At the UIB, the receiving group must be a research group recognised in the catalogue of research groups.

e. Report justifying the impact of this stay on the progress of the teaching and research career of the person making the application (Annex 1).

f. Document issued by the receiving centre(s) in which they accept the stay of the person making the request in this centre and during the period requested and give their agreement. This document, issued on the official letterhead of the centre and duly signed, must be in Catalan, Spanish or English or, if not, must be accompanied by the corresponding translation into any of these languages.