Inca awards the Pare Colom literary prizes

Jul 25, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured

Joan Duran Ferrer, Laura Gost and Josep Maria Fulquet have been awarded in the categories of narrative, theatre and poetry, respectively.

This Catalan-language competition has been consolidated year after year and has become a benchmark on the national scene.

A total of 201 original works were presented in this 19th edition of the literary prizes in the capital of El Raiguer.

The Cloister of Santo Domingo was the setting, for yet another year, for the Pare Colom literary awards ceremony, promoted by Inca City Council. The winner of the narrative prize was Joan Duran y Ferrer, with his work “Menjaràs pols”. The theatre prize went to Laura Gost for her play “La deliberació dels escorpions”. “In the poetry section, Josep Maria Fulquet was awarded his proposal “Domini Fosc”. On the other hand, “són ets i uts” by Pere Perelló and Nomdedéu have also been selected as a finalist work in poetry to also recognise its value.

The awards ceremony was attended by the mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno; the councillor for culture, Alice Weber; and representatives of the Leonard publishing house. The incredible voice of Maria Hein provided the musical note of the event.

“This nineteenth edition allows us to take a look at the enormous success of some literary prizes that claim and honour the figure of Pare Colom and the importance of keeping his legacy alive and the defence of our language as a symbol of identity that unites”, said Moreno.

In this sense, Councillor Weber emphasizes that “from the City Council of Inca and especially the area of culture we are deeply committed to these awards that for years have become an unmissable event in the calendar of literary competitions in the Catalan language with a significant participation”.

This year, a total of 201 original works were submitted. Specifically, 60 narrative works, 105 poems and 36 plays took part in the Pare Colom 2021 literary prizes. The editions of the winning works will be presented, as usual, during the autumn, coinciding with the Fires of Inca.