Inca will establish a network of park-and-ride car parks with 500 free parking spaces.

Jul 28, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured

The municipality will soon have a total of 5 park-and-ride car parks, 3 new and 2 that were already in operation and will be extended.
The aim is to promote more sustainable and efficient mobility while improving traffic flow in the streets of the centre.

Dissuasive parking is defined as car parks located on the periphery of generally large cities, the purpose of which is to encourage drivers to park their private vehicle and access the city centre, in our case within 15 minutes walking distance from the centre.

The Inca City Council will allow 3 new park-and-ride car parks in the city. It is also expected that the two-car parks already in place in the neighbourhoods of So na Monda and Cristo Rey will also be extended. In this way, the capital of Raiguer will have approximately 470 new parking spaces on land located less than 15 minutes walk from the centre.

“Our main objective is to promote a more sustainable and efficient urban mobility. Therefore, with this action, we want to facilitate access to the centre and other places in the urban core without the need to go by vehicle. On the other hand, it is also intended to free the streets of the centre from vehicles circulating in search of free space,” explains the mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno.

The first car park to be set up will be on Avinguda Alcudia (opposite Plaça Andreu Paris) and will have about 70 parking spaces. Then, progressively, 2 other new parking spaces will be created, one of them in Lloseta street and the other one in General Luque street.

On the other hand, the consistory also plans to expand the parking areas in the neighbourhoods of Cristo Rey and So na Monda. Therefore, the adjacent land will be used and the available spaces in both areas will be doubled.

Therefore, the municipality of Inca will soon have 5 more park-and-ride car parks, 3 new ones and 2 that were already in operation and will be extended. These car parks are in addition to the many that already exist in Inca, located in the streets of Mossèn Andreu Caimari, Formentera, Rei Mostassaf and Servera de Madariaga, among others.

In order to develop this parking network and improve vehicle traffic, especially in the city centre, an important task of analysis and evaluation has been carried out of all the unused plots of land in the different neighbourhoods that could be converted into open-air vehicles parking areas.