Pressure on Spanish hospitals, and so on and so forth

Jul 28, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured

Catalonia is one of the regions of Spain where the incidence is most noticeable, in fact, it is one of the regions with the greatest pressure on care. The figures show that one out of every three seriously ill patients is admitted to the ICUs in Catalonia, with more than 500 beds and more than 44% of the total number of people admitted to intensive care. This represents more than 44%. The worst figure is the 55 new deaths reported by the Catalan Department of Health. This is the worst figure of this fifth wave. The risk of resurgence or the speed of spread is decreasing. Although these last two parameters are decreasing, the Catalan Government has decided to maintain restrictions such as night-time confinement or activity restrictions until 00 30h, until August 6th and for 7 more days.

More than 26 000 infections in one day are what the beginning of the week has left us in 24 hours. Almost 400 000 in the last 15 days or 1103 new positives every hour.

The population must be made aware of this fifth wave; otherwise, we will have a fifth and a sixth, a seventh?

An increase that is having an increasing impact on hospitals. According to the Director of Hospital Care of Mallorca, Francesc Albertí, “hospitals are in a pandemic situation and surgical spaces have been closed. They are gaining spaces for covid patients”.

The number of hospitalised patients in Spain exceeds 9500 and 1500 in critical care units throughout Spain, although the worst continues in Catalonia with skyrocketing admissions, the Community hosts 1 out of every three ICU patients in the country, placing the total number at 585.
The figures in Catalonia are almost 3,000 hospitalised for this purpose.

These figures are transferred to Malaga where 40% of hospital admissions currently occurring in Andalusia as a whole are in the province of Malaga.

In Mallorca, 80 to 85% of admissions are in patients who have not been fully vaccinated.

The greatest risk is in the deaths where more than 300 people have lost their lives to the virus in the last 15 days.