The works at the Teatro Principal of Inca have been completed

Jul 29, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured

The Board of Trustees of the Fundació Teatre Principal d’Inca, meeting yesterday in an extraordinary session, approved the reception of the remodelling work on the building.
The reception of the work is the act by which the builder, once it has been completed, hands it over to the promoter and is accepted by the latter. It may be carried out with or without reservations and must cover the entire work or complete and finished phases of the work when so agreed by the parties.
During the meeting, the final certification of the works was also carried out. In this way, the refurbishment and rehabilitation project of the Teatro Principal del Inca is completed.

Therefore, all the procedures for the contracting and activation of the supplies, as well as the acquisition of the services necessary for the correct functioning of the Theatre have now been set in motion. It is hoped that the Teatro Principal in Inca can be reopened during the last quarter of the year.

“We are taking a definitive step towards the reopening of the theatre. Soon all Inca residents will be able to enjoy this emblematic space of the city,” says the mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno.

The refurbishment and rehabilitation project of the Teatro Principal in Inca has involved an investment of approximately 6 million euros, 50% of which came from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Basically, the works have consisted of the renovation of the century-old building and the construction of an adjacent space of approximately 1,000 square metres. In addition, a new multi-purpose hall with a capacity of more than 150 spectators has been built, while the large hall will have a seating capacity of 600.

“Thanks to this important action of reform and construction of new multi-purpose spaces in the same building, Inca will have a useful venue to be able to develop a stable programme throughout the year, with shows and events of the small and large format”, says Moreno.