The general director of Emergencies, Sebastià Sureda, has met with the Technical Support Group of the Meteobal Plan to coordinate the actions planned for the DANA this weekend.

Sep 2, 2023 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

It is a preventive meeting in view of the forecast of rains and storms expected in all the Balearic Islands except Menorca.

The General Directorate of Emergencies and Interior has convened the Technical Support Group as a preventive measure in view of the forecast of rains and storms expected this weekend.

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Technical Support Group of the Meteobal Plan

The General Directorate of Emergencies and Interior has activated the IG1 of the Special Plan to face the risk of adverse meteorological phenomena (METEOBAL) in Eivissa and Formentera, and the IG0 in Mallorca due to the forecast of rains and storms from Saturday, September 2. This activation has been made in response to information received from the territorial delegation in the Balearic Islands of the State Meteorological Agency, which are expected in Eivissa and Formentera accumulated rainfall in an hour of up to 50 l/m2 and in Mallorca of 30 l/m2. Likewise, the forecast warns that from Sunday strong winds with gusts that may exceed 80 km / h in Mallorca, and 70 km / h in Eivissa and Formentera and coastal phenomena may be recorded in all the islands, with intervals of force 6 to 7 wind from the East and waves that can reach 2 meters.

To anticipate the situation that will occur in the coming hours and coordinate possible joint actions, the Director General of Emergencies and Interior, Sebastià Sureda, has met today at noon with the Technical Support Group of the Plan with representatives of all agencies involved in such episodes: AEMET, Mallorca Island Council Fire Department, Palma Fire Department, Menorca Fire Department, Formentera Fire Department, Eivissa Fire Department, CNP, Government Delegation, DG Ports and Airports, DG Water Resources, EMAYA, ENDESA, Civil Guard, IBANAT, Palma Local Police, Ports of the Balearic Islands, Red Eléctrica de España, Bal Risk Observatory, ISPIB and ORANGE.

Given this forecast, the Department of Presidency and Public Administrations is advised to follow the self-protection advice proposed by Emergencies:

Stay away from the torrents and do not stay on the bridges, because they can sink and drag you in the fall.
Use the telephone in a reasonable way. Don’t jam the emergency lines.
Be prepared to leave your home if the situation requires it, and heed the advice of the competent authorities.
Preferably travel on main roads and highways.
In the countryside, do not take shelter under trees, especially if they are isolated.
Stay away from fences, gates and other metal objects.
If you are driving and are caught in a storm, remember that an enclosed vehicle can be a good shelter. In any case, slow down, use extreme caution and do not stop in areas where a large amount of water can pass through.
In the city, buildings protect you from the risk of discharges.
Avoid places where there may be falling branches, walls and walls, billboards, street furniture, cornices and buildings under construction.
At home, it is necessary to take care that they are not produced to jump into air bush, since they attract lightning. For that reason, the recommendation is to close doors and windows in case of a storm.
It is also advisable to protect household appliances, computers, etc., by unplugging them to prevent them from being damaged by a power surge or causing electric shocks.
Do not go near boardwalks, breakwaters or cliffs.
Avoid practising any type of nautical sport; and if you have a boat, make sure it is moored.