Bombers de Mallorca modernised their fleet with two new trucks

Feb 1, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The update of the Bombers Service’s fleet is one of the main objectives of the Insular Directorate of Emergencies.

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Bombers de Mallorca modernised their fleet

The Consell de Mallorca continues to strengthen the Servei de Bombers de Mallorca with the continuous modernization of its fleet. This morning two new vehicles have been presented, more efficient and technological, which complement the current fleet of firefighters and provide them with better tools to meet any emergency.

The two vehicles purchased are two light urban pumpers, very versatile units designed mainly to respond to urban fires and to rescue in traffic accidents. They are always the first vehicles of the Bombers de Mallorca fleet to go out when there is an emergency. In addition, they have capabilities for other situations, such as actions with dangerous goods, falling trees or sanitation of urban elements, among others.

The two units will be destined for the fire stations of Alcúdia and Artà, and the budget for the acquisition of the vehicles is 744.029 €.

The president of the Consell de Mallorca, Llorenç Galmés, said: “We continue to keep our word, since our commitment was to dignify the Bombers de Mallorca corps, putting it at the level of the great work it does, providing it with the necessary technical materials and improving working conditions and those of the fire stations”.

“Our duty, as Consell de Mallorca, is to protect those who protect us, so for this government team is a priority to meet the requests and demands of the firefighters of our island,” said the president of the Consell, who added that “as president of the island institution I want to thank them for the work they do, the professionalism and vocation of public service”.

The new vehicles acquired are equipped with a series of improvements for their operation and the comfort of use of firefighters. Specifically, the vehicles have been equipped with new models of extrication equipment that work with electricity and battery, offering great working power and improving the ergonomics of the firefighters during rescues in traffic accidents.

The extinguishing capacity of the trucks has been increased with the incorporation of a new automatically regulated foam premier. This, together with the more concentrated foam concentrate, triples the foam generation capacity. The engine air intake has been located at the top of the vehicle to avoid complications in the event of flooding.

The new vehicles are also equipped with a portable battery-powered fan that enables a wider range of ventilation techniques to be applied during structural firefighting. Portability facilitates use inside buildings, optimizing the flow rate to completely extract smoke from all rooms.

In addition, free space has been reserved in the rear compartment of the new trucks to store personal equipment and free up space in the cab. A cleaning module with air, water and soap has also been incorporated so that they can carry out an initial personal decontamination after the interventions.

The modernization of the Bombers de Mallorca fleet is one of the main objectives of the Direcció Insular d’Emergències, in addition to improving the infrastructures of the service. The integral reform of Manacor park is in its last phase, the project of the new Santanyí Park has already been approved and the service will be regrouped in the future headquarters of Marratxí.