The Bombers de Mallorca and Bombers de Palma organised a fire drill in TIRME

Feb 3, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The exercise consisted of a fire with trapped people.

The Bombers de Mallorca, together with the Bombers de Palma, have organized this morning a joint drill at the TIRME facilities. The exercise consisted of a fire with people trapped in the composting treatment plant. The event was attended by the insular director of Emergencies, Joan Fornàs, the councillor of Citizen Safety and Civism of the City Council of Palma, Miguel Busquets, and the general manager of TIRME, Antoni Pons.

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The Bombers de Mallorca and Bombers de Palma

This drill is part of the current collaboration agreement between the Consell de Mallorca and the Ajuntament de Palma in the field of prevention, fire fighting and rescue. The agreement includes joint practices to improve coordination when the two fire departments provide service simultaneously.

The insular director of Emergencies, Joan Fornàs, said that this type of joint action “is essential to improve the service and coordination” of the firefighting forces and stressed “the need for practice and continuous training” to improve the service to citizens. The insular director added that “this drill exercises everything foreseen in the mutual assistance agreement between the two fire departments of the island, in a scenario in which new resources and procedures have been invested, and in industrial facilities between the municipalities of Palma and Marratxí”.

The drill consisted of a fire that affected the composting waste treatment plant. Each fire department was in charge of locating and extinguishing a fire source and performing a rescue operation with the ladder. The exercise simulated a rescue of victims who were making the journey with the train of the Environmental Education Center of Mallorca, some of them with reduced mobility. In addition, fire control was performed and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and the TETRAIB communications system were used.

These exercises aim to strengthen the coordination and cohesion of the two fire departments in an emergency. In the drill have participated in the endowments of the parks of Sóller and Inca of the Bombers de Mallorca, and the endowment of Palma of the Bombers de Palma, in addition to part of the workers of TIRME.