The PSOE of Inca celebrates its 88th anniversary with the inauguration of a new headquarters and a tribute to its militants

Feb 3, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The inauguration of the new headquarters, Casa del Pueblo, located in Plaza Santa Maria la Mayor, 14, has been attended by numerous supporters and militants of the PSIB-PSOE along with: PSIB-PSOE secretary general and president of the Spanish Congress, Francina Armengol, the secretary general of the PSOE Federation of Mallorca, Catalina Cladera, the secretary general of the PSOE of Inca and mayor of the city, Virgilio Moreno.
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PSOE of Inca

The Socialist Group of Inca was officially born on February 2, 1936, in the premises of the Society of Cutters in Obispo Llompart street. During the Civil War the socialists, together with the anarchists, were the political groups most punished by the repression. About seventy socialists from the Inca were imprisoned.
On May 28, 1977, the Agrupación Socialista was founded. Once the assembly was constituted, made up of militants from Inca and the region, the first executive was elected after forty years of dictatorship. The Agrupación shared the premises with UGT.

The PSOE of Inca, for the first time in history, won the Mayor of Inca in the municipal elections of 1991 with the Progress Pact between the PSOE, the PSM and the Independents of Inca. Jaume Armengol Coll (PSOE) was elected Mayor of Inca.
Francina Armengol was the first woman to head a candidacy for mayor of the municipality. Currently, Virgilio Moreno is the general secretary of the Agrupación Socialista de Inca, a councillor in the City Council of Inca since 2001 and mayor since 2015.

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Militants and supporters of the party have headed towards the new Casa del Pueblo, where a heartfelt tribute has been paid to 23 former councillors and historical militants: Mercedes Lara, Luis Ribera, Margalida Llobera, Javier Ramis, Esperanza Ramis, Antònia Zapatero, Biel Amer, Concepción García, Bartolomé Artigues, Jaume Armengol, Francina Armengol, Antonio Armengol, Rosario Mateo, Maria Saez, Mariano Bonilla, Jaume Tortella and Antonio Carrasco. Moreno thanked all of them for their “commitment, dedication and socialist values”.

Virgilio Moreno stressed that “we are in this new space to continue the project that for 9 years we are developing from the municipal government and with the illusion of the first day”, so he has hoped that the new headquarters is “a space where we can dialogue, work and exchange views, always from democracy”.

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Baltasar Alarcón Cano, the PSOE militant, told us: “I have been in the party almost all my life, my father instilled these ideals in us. This new headquarters means improving visibility, the location and the proximity to our neighbours unite us, maintaining the family spirit, with Virgilio as mayor, very close and empathetic with his neighbours”.

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Emi Martin, vice president of the Third Age Association, “There is a large attendance at the opening of this headquarters, Casa del Pueblo. The attendance has been both neighbours of Inca and supporters from other localities. We are very happy and proud with this new headquarters.”