24 DO and PGI wineries from the Balearic Islands will be taking part in Barcelona Wine Week until 7 February

Feb 6, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The director general of Agri-food Quality and Local Products, Joan Llabrés, along with the director general of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, Fernando Fernández, attended the opening of the fair today to show their support for the sector.

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24 DO and PGI wineries from the Balearic Islands will be taking part in Barcelona Wine Week

One of the leading fairs in the Spanish wine sector, Barcelona Wine Week (BWW), once again has among its participants wines with quality brands from the Balearic Islands which, year after year, increase their prestige and demand in both national and international markets. A total of 24 wineries from the islands will share a common space organised by the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and the Natural Environment, which has financed up to 55% of the cost of the wineries’ stands.

The general directors of Agri-food Quality and Local Product and Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, Joan Llabrés and Fernando Fernández, respectively, attended the opening of the BWW today to show their support for all the wineries from the participating islands: 21 from Mallorca, one from Menorca and one from Ibiza. Wines from DO Binissalem, DO Pla i Llevant, Vi de la Terra de Mallorca, Vi de la Terra de Menorca and Vi de la Terra d’Eivissa are all represented.

The fair, which will run until Wednesday, 7 February, was visited today by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, who visited the Balearic wineries accompanied by Llabrés and Fernández. According to the Director General for Agri-food Quality and Local Produce, “the Directorate General has responded to a demand from the sector, which considers Barcelona Wine Week to be the most interesting wine fair for our winemakers today, to improve their commercial projection on a national and international level”. For his part, Fernando Fernández added that “the wine sector in the Balearic Islands is a mature sector with a lot of initiative. It is also strongly structured with producers, wineries and quality brands that work in a direction that allows for progress in its consolidation and development”.

Although the marketing figures for the Balearic wines with quality labels in 2023 are not yet known, the production data allow us to predict good figures. “It should be remembered that the grapes produced last year allowed the production of 6.8 million litres of wine, 7.7% more than in 2022. This is a historical maximum of differentiated quality wine production, with a vintage that has had an outstanding grape production of good quality,” explained Joan Llabrés. “It should be remembered that more than half of the wine grape surface area is registered in organic production and the other half in integrated production. This demonstrates their commitment to environmental sustainability,” added general manager Fernando Fernández.

The Mallorcan wineries that have attended the fair are Binigrau, Son Juliana, Sa Cabana, Ava vins, Son Prim, Son Vich, Can Axartell, Dalt Turó, Ses Talaioles, Oliver Moragues, Pla de Buc, Mortitx, Santa Catarina and Blanca Terra (IGP Vi de la Terra Mallorca); Bodegas Bordoy, Miquel Oliver, Vins Miquel Gelabert and Butxet viticulture (DO Pla i Llevant) and Bodegas José Luis Ferrer, Finca Binigual and Can Fumat (DO Binissalem); from Menorca, Bodega Torralba (VT Menorca) and from Ibiza, Ojo de Ibiza and Bodega Can Rich (VT Eivissa).

At the BWW we can also find other wineries from the Balearic Islands such as Can Majoral, Mesquida Mora, Ibizkus Wines and Can Xanet, which are located in a specific section dedicated to artisan wines.