More than 150 people participate in the II Emotional Well-being Day “Fomentem pigmalions positions”

Feb 8, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Caixaforum of Palma has hosted the second conference on emotional well-being “Fomentem Pigmalions positius” organized by the Institute for School Coexistence and Educational Success (Convivexit), in which more than 150 people have participated. The event was attended by the general director of Early Childhood, Attention to Diversity and Educational Improvement, Neus Riera, and the councillor of Education and Universities, Antoni Vera.

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II Emotional Well-being Day

At the beginning of the event, the general director Neus Riera welcomed all attendees and stressed the importance of an inclusive school that has to prioritize the integral development of people and promote healthy lifestyles. Thus, Riera encouraged those present to reinforce the task of welfare and protection coordinators and teachers of the centres to carry out preventive work and weave a solidary social network.

For his part, the councillor Antoni Vera, who closed the day, stressed the importance of mental health in the centres. Vera pointed out the need to turn schools into emotionally comfortable environments for both students and teachers.

Those present participated in presentations by Arun Mansukhani, Francisco Villar, Fernando Tobías and Pepa Horno, who spoke about social networks, the prevention of suicidal behaviour and the importance of a safe environment.

In addition, several simultaneous workshops have also been organized by AFASIB, Pablo Rodríguez, Fernando Tobías, Francisco Villar, Carme Pujol and Pablo Rodríguez in which mental health in the classroom and care for minors have also been discussed.

The conference is aimed at teachers and the main recipients are the coordinators of emotional well-being in the centres, a figure that has been implemented this school year by indication of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. The aim is to provide a space for theoretical and practical discussions on various topics that make possible the emotional well-being of students and teachers in the centres.