The Consell de Mallorca increases the economic contribution to the sports federations reaching more than 1.150.000 euros

Feb 8, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The aids are destined to 37 federations with an agreement with the Insular Direction of Sports and represent 10% more than in 2023

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The Consell de Mallorca increases the economic contribution to the sports federations

The Consell de Mallorca increased the economic aid destined for 37 sports federations until reaching almost 1.158.000 euros. This is an increase of 10% in the period 2024, aimed at entities that develop sports actions aimed at school-age athletes on the island. The objective is to support the competitive development of athletes up to 16 years of age.

The federations that receive the aid organize and coordinate, among others, the insular leagues for the youth of Mallorca of the modalities of underwater activities, athletics, badminton, sports dance, basketball, billiards, boxing, hunting, cycling, chess, adapted sports, soccer, gymnastics, golf, handball, equestrian, judo, karate, Olympic wrestling, motorcycling, mountaineering and climbing, swimming, paddle tennis, skating, petanque, canoeing, rugby, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, archery, sling shooting, Olympic shooting, triathlon, sailing and volleyball. In 2024 kickboxing will be added, increasing to 37 the number of sports modalities that will receive the subsidy.

These grants from the Consell de Mallorca cover sports activities aimed at 34,000 children, through more than 750 clubs. 68% of the aid is allocated to refereeing expenses, 25% to management expenses and the remaining 7% to the purchase of materials.

Gymnastics, athletics and swimming are the most popular individual sports on the island.

As for the contributions, the Council assigns amounts to each federation, according to the number of competitions and young people who compete in them and, therefore, by the number of federated cards. Among the collective sports, the soccer or basketball federations will receive 268,700 euros and 152,878 euros respectively; the adapted sports federation, 59,501 euros and the volleyball federation, 46,393 euros.

In the field of individual sports, the gymnastics federation will receive 44,024 euros; the athletics federation 42,144 euros; the swimming federation will be subsidized with 41,488 euros and the judo federation 40,209 euros. These are federations which in recent years have grown in the number of registered members, in participation in competitions and the incorporation of new sports specialities.

Others such as underwater activities, badminton, sports dancing, billiards, boxing, cycling, chess, golf, handball, judo, karate, Olympic wrestling, motorcycling, paddle, skating, canoeing, rugby, taekwondo, tennis or archery receive between three thousand and twenty-eight thousand euros, which shows the good health of alternative sports, increasingly present in federated competitions of grassroots sport.