The new edition of Habturalia will be held in Binissalem on 23rd and 24th February

Feb 15, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Conseller de Turisme has recalled the Consell de Mallorca’s commitment to legal tourist rentals

Mallorca’s tourist rental sector will meet on 23 and 24 February in Can Gelabert, in Binissalem, for the second edition of the Habturalia fair, a benchmark event in the holiday rental sector.

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This was announced this morning at a press conference by the Consell de Mallorca’s Minister of Tourism, José Marcial Rodríguez Díaz, who appeared alongside the president of Habtur, Antoni Barceló, and the mayor of Binissalem, Víctor Martí, to announce the event.
During his speech, Rodríguez Díaz recalled the Consell de Mallorca’s commitment to legal tourist rental, “a sector that generates great benefits for the self-employed and traders and cannot be ignored”.

In the words of the councillor, “this type of accommodation helps the complementary offer and, therefore, benefits small and medium-sized businesses in Mallorca”, which is why he is convinced that “legal tourist rental is a loyal demand”.
Along these lines, he praised the initiative of holding Habturalia again, this time in Binissalem, and highlighted how “attendees will receive new content, analysis and prospects in interesting formats that will also allow them to establish new business alliances, learn about new developments in the sector, talk about legislation, taxation or have an institutional vision”.
Habtur’s president, Toni Barceló, highlighted the importance of this event, which is now in its second edition, and defended “the activity because it reaches a lot of people”. In this sense, Barceló advocated “greater professionalisation of the sector” for the future.
Finally, the mayor of Binissalem, Víctor Martí, stressed the importance of “being able to hold this type of event in the municipality”, which represents “an opportunity for Binissalem”. Martí stressed the importance of the activity “because it boosts the local economy, these tourists consume local products and buy from local businesses”.