Health starts negotiations with unions to recover the professional career path

Feb 16, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The professional career has been frozen since 2018 without workers having had their rights recognised or been able to move up a level

The Health Service has convened the Technical Bureau of Health, in which there are representatives of all the trade unions, to begin negotiations to recover the professional career of workers, frozen since 2018. The meeting was attended by the director general of the Health Service, Javier Ureña; the director of Human Resources, Margalida Bujosa; the deputy director of Labour Relations, Verónica Segura; and the deputy director of Human Resources, Juan José Terrassa. Representatives of UGT, SIMEBAL, SATSE, CSIF, CCOO and USAE also participated.

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At the hearing, the Regional Minister of Health, Manuela García, stated that the government is committed to reactivating the professional career throughout 2024. She also explained that Chapter 1 of the Health Service’s budget for this year will receive an extra economic contribution for its application in 2024.

In the coming weeks, the Technical Committee will negotiate with the social partners the planning of the reactivation of the professional career, the quantification of the payment of arrears, or the planning of the ordinary opening.

The professional career is a workers’ right recognised by law that rewards the continuous training and promotion of professionals, valuing development and training by the principles of equality, merit and ability.

According to data from the Servei de Salut, it is estimated that since 2018 there have been some 10,000 professionals who have not been able to move up a level and approximately 4,000 professionals who have not had their rights recognised.