María Magdalena Niell Llobera, the 1st ambassador of Balearic design

Feb 19, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Interview, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

María Magdalena Niell Llobera studied fashion design at EDIB Fleming and is currently pursuing a double master’s degree in film, theater and TV wardrobe and, on other hand, styling and communication.

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María Magdalena Niell Llobera, the 1st ambassador of Balearic design

Her most recent achievements have placed her as a Finalist in ADLIB 2022 with her collection Terra Blanca dedicated to peasant clothing and a Finalist in the Fashion Category of ART JOVE.

María Magdalena Niell Llobera, la 1ª embajadora del diseño balear
María Magdalena Niell Llobera, la 1ª embajadora del diseño balear

When did María Magdalena Niell Llobera’s passion for design and fashion begin?

I have a great reference in my mother. Since I was a child, crafts and plastic arts have been present in my life.

My family on my father’s side had a shoe factory (Niell) where my father somehow knew how to do it with his hands and take care of the details. In the case of my father, he was a leather-pattern cutter and in the case of my godfather (Jaume Niell) he was one of the shoemakers who went to India to teach the procedure of making shoes.

Finally, I wanted to mention my uncle José Antonio who I did not know but he was the artist of the family and his paintings accompanied me on the walls of my house starting my passion for painting and illustration.

On my mother’s side, I remember her sewing in the workshop of Cortinas Conchi in Inca and I took the fabric cuttings to make dresses or capes to dress up. She has always supported me and taught me what she knows, making costumes for Carnival, toiletry bags, and handbags…. I love sharing this passion with her!

It is difficult for someone from Mallorca to leave Sa Roqueta?

In my case, the most difficult thing is the contacts.

After living here for so long you have your team and friends who help you and being a small island you know the new trends and people who want to be part of this world.

When you leave here you only know the big brands or companies that you have to pay if you want to collaborate or work with them. On the other hand, I love the climate and landscape of sa Roqueta, so I hope to return in the future when I have more experience living and being with my family and friends.

What is María Magdalena Niell Llobera’s maximum reference at the design level?
It is very difficult because being within various arts is not only directed to fashion, I also find inspiration in painting, sculpture, graphic design, design, interior design, advertising, etc.

But some names that repeat in my search history are Cortana, Greg Williams, Sorolla, Gigi Vives, Grace Coddington, Matilda Djerf or Jacquemus.

What would María Magdalena Niell Llobera recommend to younger children who are attracted to the world of design?

First of all, leave the island and work in many different places to train as a professional.

In this way you gain experience and meet many people at the same time, the important thing is not to sign up for a long time in one company.

I understand that it can be scary at the beginning not to have a steady job with a stable salary, but I am not saying that sometime later you can not get stability in a place that you like for a longer period.

On the other hand, studies are quite important and if you don’t want to leave the island I highly recommend my HND at EDIB school because they have prepared me a lot in the different aspects of design.

The teachers have experience in their sector and being in smaller classes they are very much on top of you to help you better.

the 1st ambassador of Balearic design

A wish from María Magdalena Niell Llobera for 2024?
This year is my moment of transition because my time as a student is coming to an end. I will finish my training (although in the future I don’t rule out doing some specialized courses or workshops) and I want to make a place for myself in the system to be able to work in what I like in some of the brands I admire.

Article published in Lloseta Magazine in which María Magdalena Niell Llobera, 1st ambassador of Balearic design, is shown.