The Consell de Eivissa presents the program to commemorate the 8M focused on the slogan ‘for older women, for great women’

Feb 21, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Department of Social Welfare and Equality of the Consell Insular de Eivissa has organized a program of activities to commemorate next March 8, International Women’s Day, focused on the elderly with the slogan ‘For older women, for great women’, and which includes dance, plays and the presentation of a series of videos focused on rural women. “A transversal program that is aimed at everyone: women and men and girls and boys, with an important collaboration of all the municipalities of the island because equality is a common goal” explained the councillor of the Department Carolina Escandell who has advanced that the First Equality Plan of the Consell is in a very advanced stage of development “and will be a consensual document and guide for all”.

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The program to commemorate the 8M

In this sense, the coordinator of the Women’s Office, Tonyi Ferrer, has detailed regarding the Equality Plan that the diagnosis has already been made and now is working technically developing it in six areas of work (prevention and attention to gender violence, co-educational action, equal opportunities in the workplace, participation of women in the social sphere, non-sexist communication and good governance) that will be worked with all groups, participation of women in the social sphere, non-sexist communication and good governance) which will be worked on with all the groups, “it is an ambitious Plan and for this reason there are many agents involved in the work, such as city councils, education, security forces, health, employers, trade unions, etc., and it will have several activities to be carried out with all the groups. … and it will have a lot of activities and challenges planned because we want it to be a success”.

Regarding the scheduled activities begin this Thursday, February 22 with the presentation of the ethnoclips ‘Back to Earth’ made by Harmony Hita Torres. These are five videos starring women linked to the peasantry or domestic role and that throughout each video explain recipes and traditional techniques and secrets of the past and now transmitted through these videos, as explained by the counselor of the Department Carolina Escandell, “allow us to pay tribute to women who have played a key role in the perpetuation of cultural traditions and sustainable development of rural areas”. The presentation of these ethnoclips will be at 7.30 pm in the Auditorium of Cas Serres and will feature a performance by students of the Conservatory of Eivissa.

On March 10, the company IB Danza will offer the show Las humanas de las Olas under the artistic direction of Daniel Estévez López and Águeda Morey Fernández. It will be at 7 pm at Can Jeroni in Sant Josep. Throughout March, in all the municipalities of the island the play Igualiyay@s. Love in times of equality” by Marevent Mujer, a play that raises awareness among citizens about equality in the elderly. Refreshments will be served at the end of each performance.

The coordinator of the Centro de Estudios de Prevención de las Conductas Adictivas, CEPCA, Belén Alvite, explained that the calendar will be expanded with activities in schools. Thus, this year will be distributed to students of kindergarten and primary schools in Eivissa a collaborative toy, this time 6,000 pompoms will be distributed, as in other years were delivered spinning tops, stars or puzzles. Also, 550 coeducational books on equality issues have been purchased and will also be distributed among schools. There will also be a screening of the online short film ‘Our street’ by Corto España aimed at secondary school students.

Finally, with the collaboration of the City Council of Eivissa on March 8 there will be a demonstration and workshops, with the first Dona Festival Woman Rock.