Tourism, Culture and Sports, through the program “Vive la cultura”, continues with the cycle of didactic concerts with “Un mundo de sonidos” (A world of sounds).

Feb 21, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Music and theatre come together in this show in which Robertina, the storyteller, will accompany us on a very special journey, in which music and stories will transport us to distant cultures of the five continents.

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Tourism, Culture and Sports

The music played with traditional instruments from different parts of the world, will make us hear sounds from Africa through the djembe drum, the krin and the kalimba; from Oceania, with the didgerido; from Asia with the shakuhachi flute, the kotsuzumi drum and the gong; from Europe with the recorder, the clarinet and the hunting horn, and from America with the bells, the pinquillo flute and the pan flute.

The compilation of stories aims to contribute to the transmission of the popular culture of the different peoples of the world and to recognize features and values that are common to all of us. Five tales from five continents are to be lived and told; therefore, students will dance, sing, participate with sound effects and be part of the action.

More than 600 students from different schools in Mallorca will attend the show, divided into two shifts.