PortsIB approves the specifications for the regulation of the two inland ramps in Ciutadella

Mar 27, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Conselleria del Mar I del Cicle de l’Aigua is committed to regulating and ordering navigation to guarantee port and maritime safety.

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PortsIB has approved the specifications for the tender for the two inner ramps of the Port of Ciutadella. This tender, structured in five lots of six boats each, for a total of thirty vessels, will be extended for four years. The measure, ratified by the Board of Directors of Ports de les Illes Balears last Thursday, introduces a system of control and regulation in an area that, until now, lacked them, to guarantee safety and order in port and maritime navigation.

The decision responds to the need to improve the management of the use of ramps. Previously, the process allowed any company access after making an application and paying a fee, with no specific limit on the number of vessels. This significant change seeks to restrict access to only those companies that are successful in the tender, establishing a more structured, secure and orderly operational framework.

This initiative not only seeks to improve safety within the port but also to raise the quality of nautical tourism, promoting responsible and sustainable practices among companies in the sector. It is the result of a consensus between the Department of the Sea and Water Cycle and the Menorcan Association of Nautical Companies (Asmen), following a constructive dialogue that took place at a key meeting on 13 March, where solutions to the needs of the nautical sector were explored.

The change in ramp access policy reflects Conselleria del Mar y del Ciclo del Agua’s firm commitment to maritime safety, environmental protection, and the promotion of quality nautical tourism. By regulating the number of boats, the aim is to avoid saturation and ensure safe navigation for all.

This measure marks a before and after in Ciutadella’s port and maritime management, establishing a precedent in the search for a balance between economic activity and environmental sustainability. With the implementation of this new framework, the Department of the Sea and Water Cycle is anticipating the challenges of the future, ensuring that sailing and nautical tourism in the Port of Ciutadella thrive within a regulated and safe context.