The Govern participates in the Unesco Decade of the Oceans Conference

Apr 9, 2024 | Current affairs, Featured, Portada, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

With the commitment to advance awareness of the oceans and the sea among the younger generations, the Government of the Balearic Islands has participated this afternoon in the Blue Education session held in Barcelona during the Unesco Decade of the Oceans Conference. This satellite event, led by the ProBleu initiative together with key partners such as the Institute of Marine Sciences, the SHORE Community, the BlueLightS Project, the European Marine Environmental Educators Association (EMSEA) and the EU Mission “Ocean and Waters”, has marked an important step towards the inclusion of ocean education in the European school curriculum.

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The Unesco Decade of the Oceans Conference

Antoni Mercant, Director General of Ports and Maritime Transport of the Regional Ministry of the Sea and Water Cycle, represented the Balearic Islands Government at the event, underlining the importance of such initiatives in promoting a greater appreciation and understanding of the seas. The conference provided an invaluable platform to explore the challenges and strategies related to European Blue Schools, as well as to share success stories that illustrate the positive impact of these initiatives on education.

The attendance of IES Bendinat de Calvià has shown the interest and commitment of the educational institutions of the islands to environmental and oceanic education. In addition, the Santa Magdalena Sofia school (Palma), the CEIP Ses Rotes Velles (Santa Ponsa) and the CIFP Francesc de Borja Moll (Palma) have participated online, reinforcing the role of the educational community in promoting greater awareness of marine conservation and ocean sustainability.

The Barcelona Institute of Marine Sciences hosted the event, which was attended by leading project coordinators who shared their experiences in collaboration with the EU Mission on Oceans and Water. This meeting highlighted the need to actively involve educational actors in the mission to protect our oceans and promote a more conscious and respectful relationship with the sea.

Som Escoles Blaves: A successful pilot project
It should be noted that a year ago, the pilot project ‘Som Escoles Blaves’, developed in Mallorca, was already recognised for its innovation, sustainability and capacity to be replicated in other Mediterranean countries. With the aim of certifying 100 Mallorcan schools as blue schools, this project focuses on generating a positive impact on the community, encouraging collaboration between companies, NGOs, town councils and the media.